JMU has multiple contracts with promotional items and imprinting services vendors. These contracts have been competitively procured, all vendors are CLC/IMG (Collegiate Licensing Company – Learfield IMG; JMU’s trademark licensing firm) Licensed for JMU Identity Standards, are eVA self-registered, and most are SWaM vendors. Per JMU's Financial Procedure Policy 4205.313: Departments cannot place orders for promotional items that exceed $15 per item, excluding set-up charges or shipping costs.

Exceptions to these Mandatory contracts are limited and currently include imprinted items purchased through the JMU Bookstore (Follett), and items required by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)  rules to be purchased from a specific vendor under branding regulations.  Any other individual purchase for promotional or imprinting must be approved by Procurement Services in advance of the purchase.

Promotional Items and Imprinting Services Contract Information

TSRC (The Supply Room Company) – JMU utilizes a UVA contract that allows for deep discounts on many items.  This agreement was negotiated on behalf of several higher education institutions in Virginia utilizing their collective spend for best pricing and other incentives.  The JMU-specific punch-out catalog in eVA will be utilized to capture these savings and is listed as TSRC – JMU.  As of March 1, 2015, JMU Administration mandated that the contract be utilized for all office supply-like purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

JMU’s TSRC Essentials List

Copier/printer paper may be purchased through Madison Print Services.  Madison Print Services offers the delivery of paper on campus, without the need for the department to enter an eVA purchase order.  Ordering through Madison Print Services supports an on-campus auxiliary unit. Other types/brands are available through TSRC punch-out catalog at a variety of prices points. If you would like to place an order please call 540.568.7300 or email TSRC shall be used for any paper not supplied by the Madison Print Services.

TSRC is a mandatory source similar to VCE (Virginia Correctional Enterprises). Departments may not purchase office supplies from other sources without advance approval from Procurement Services, which may require an email from TSRC showing they cannot get the product or there is a lengthy lead time to secure it. Reimbursements may not be approved for office supplies purchased locally without advance approval or extraordinary circumstances. Non-compliance with this mandatory contract is tracked.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) – JMU mandates the use of VCE for all departmental furniture purchases unless the department is granted a release or the furniture is purchased through the TSRC (The Supply Room Company) Quick Ship Program (see below).  Releases will be provided on a case by case basis after submission of request to Procurement Services.

For policy and ordering information and requesting a waiver instructions, click here.

TSRC Quick Ship Furniture Program -  JMU Procurement Services, as a benefit of the university receiving Level III, has been able to develop this JMU/TSRC Quick Ship Furniture Program. A small number of specific furniture items will now be available for campus to purchase without additional waivers. Delivery on these specific items will be 7-14 days and all offer substantial savings on comparable items previously purchased through VCE. We have worked to identify items at different price points for departments to have options that will be within their budget. The items selected are from a reputable manufacturer (HON) with warranties in place. The JMU/TSRC Quick Ship Program also allows us to utilize a certified SWaM vendor for these purchases. In addition to the savings received, the university will also benefit from incentives on these purchases already incorporated into our TSRC contract.

To purchase the products listed, you must obtain a quote from Alan Taylor, or call 804.869.1369. Once you have a quote, the order must be entered as a non-catalog TSRC order in eVA w/ the quote attached to the requisition. The purchase order should be emailed to Alan Taylor, for processing with their furniture division.

More information can be found in our FAQ Document, the Quick Ship flyer, and the Sit-Stand flyer.

VITA (Virginia Information Technology Agency) Vendors for Copiers - JMU exclusively uses the state VITA contracts for leased copiers on campus. Several copier vendors on contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia are on campus: Virginia Business Systems, Ricoh, and Xerox.

For more information and instructions on how to order a new copier, click here.

Relocation of a copier must be done by the vendor at an additional fee as it is not university-owned equipment. Departments will be held liable for any damages caused to the equipment if they are to move it themselves.

Aramark - Through a contract with JMU, Aramark maintains the exclusive right to provide food service on JMU's campus. Food and supplies valued at $100 or less are exempt as Aramark charges a $100 minimum catering fee. All other exceptions to exclusivity should receive prior authorization from the Associate Vice President for Business Services. Find more information on the Aramark Catering Services web page.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia - JMU's contract with Pepsi gives them the exclusive rights to the distribution, promotion, selling and sampling of all beverage products on JMU's campus. This also includes exclusive beverage vending presence on campus.

VITA (Virginia Information Technology Agency) Vendors for Two-Way Radios - JMU exclusively purchases two-way radios through VITA state contracts. All two-way radio orders must include the number of radios, any accessories, and the requested frequencies. It is required for all two-way radios to have emergency frequencies. Contact the buyer assigned to Telecom for more information.

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