Katie Weaver

Katie Weaver


phone: 540.568.3141
email: weavercb@jmu.edu

  • Leadership of Procurement Services
  • Special Projects
  • SWaM Initiative
Admin & Tech Team
Mikayla Comer

Mikayla Fahrney

Office and Reporting Manager

phone: 540.568.7999
email: fahrnemp@jmu.edu

  • Budget Oversight
  • Office Operations
  • Reporting
  • SWaM and Vendor Support
Phillip Ewellr

Phillip Ewell

Administrative Assistant

phone: 540.568.3145
email: ewellpw@jmu.edu

  • Receipt of Bids & Proposals
  • Supports Procurement Services Staff
  • Supports Office Operations
Image Not Available


Procurement Analyst

phone: 540.568.8948

  • Copiers
  • Supports Office Operations
Doug Piker

Doug Piker

Contract Administrator

phone: 540.568.3151
email: pikerdc@jmu.edu

  • Contract Administration (contract renewals, electronic contract management, compliance)
  • Contract Administration Training Program
Allison Strunk

Allison Strunk

VIVA Contract Administrator

phone: 540.568.3136
email: strunkam@jmu.edu

  • VIVA Budget / Support
  • VIVA Contract Administration
Jeremy Good

Jeremy Good

Procurement Business Analyst

phone: 540.568.4520
email: askeva@jmu.edu

  • eVA Liaison
  • eVA Security
  • eVA Support
  • Technical Assistance
  • Website Manager
Commodity Team
Leah Frank

Leah Frank

Team Manager

phone: 540.568.3134
email: franklm@jmu.edu

  • Commodity Team Manager
  • Major Outsourcing
  • Professional Services
  • Special Projects & Procurements
Doug Chester

Doug Chester

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.4272
email: chestefd@jmu.edu

  • Telecomm / Digital Streaming Services
  • Desktop / Non-Enterprise Software
  • Non-Professional IT Services

Adam Fleming

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.4280
email: fleminas@jmu.edu

  • Audio/Visual Equipment & Services
  • Copiers
  • Medical
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Photography Services
  • Scientific
Shanna Devers

Shanna Devers

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.3131
email: deverssl@jmu.edu

  • Non-Professional Services
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Services
  • Clothing, Apparel, & Uniforms
  • Imprinting & Promotional
  • Non-Professional Services
  • Website Design
Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.3137
email: johns9cm@jmu.edu 

  • Digital Signage
  • Enterprise Wide Software
  • IT Systems

Jimmy Foltz

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.7523
email: foltzjw@jmu.edu

  • Art/ Music/ Theatre
  • Performer & Speaker Agreements
  • Short Term Facility Rentals
  • Skilled Services
  • Computer Equipment (Dell & Apple) & Peripherals
  • Travel/Hotel Agreements (non-athletics)
  • Police Equipment & Supplies
  • Printing
Dana Simmers

Dana Simmers

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.5113
email: simmerdm@jmu.edu

  • Library Material
  • Library Subscriptions & Services
  • Non-Professional Services (Insurance, Benefits, Tax, & Financial Services)
  • VIVA
Commodity Team
Krista Nealis

Krista McDaniel

Team Manager

phone: 540.568.3130
email: nealiskl@jmu.edu

  • Commodity Team Manager
  • Architectural Term Contracts
  • Procurement of Capital Projects
  • Special Projects & Procurements
Annie Korn

Annie Korn

Lead Commodity Contract Officer & Project Manager

phone: 540.568.3133
email: kornah@jmu.edu

  • Furniture / Furnishings
  • Food Service / Kitchen Equipment
  • Government to Government Utilities
Aaron Largent

Aaron Largent

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.4160
email: largenad@jmu.edu

  • Non-Capital Outlay Construction
  • MEP Term Contracts
  • Facilities Term Contracts: Fencing, Fuel/Gas, On-Demand Cleaning, General Contractor Services, Grounds Equipment, Landscaping, Turf / Mulch / Irrigation, Arborist Services, Window Cleaning, Painting, Caulking, Snow Removal, Road Salt, Quarry Stone, Masonry Services, Stadium Cleaning & Waste Removal
Image Not Available

Autumn Foster

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.4501
email: delli2ad@jmu.edu

  • Structural Term Contracts
  • Facilities Term Contracts: Paving and Concrete Services, Pavement Marking, Masonry Services, Modular Buildings, Janitorial Supplies, Lighting, Electrical Supplies, Lighting, Tools/Equipment, Furniture/Furnishings & Food Service/Kitchen Equipment

Dylan Morris

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.3002
email: morrisdk@jmu.edu

  • Athletics
  • Athletics Travel & Hotel Agreements
  • Special Event Rentals
  • Signage & Banners
  • Tennis Courts
Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison

Buyer Senior

phone: 540.568.6181
email: morrismp@jmu.edu

  • Capital Construction
  • Non-Capital Outlay Construction
  • Civil Term Contracts
  • Facilities Term Contracts: Asbestos Abatement and Inspection, Steam Plant / HVAC Supplies, Video Surveillance/Intrusion, Building Systems, HVAC / Duct Cleaning, Water Treatment, Environmental Consulting, Exhaust Grease Removal, Flooring, Kitchen Equipment Repair & Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance Shop Projects
Terri Wuenschel

Terri Wuenschel

Buyer Specialist

phone: 540.568.7209
email: wuenscth@jmu.edu

  • FF&E (furniture, fixtures, & equipment)
  • Facilities Term Contracts: Facilities Vehicles & Equipment, Genie Lifts, Auto Body Repair, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Vehicles, Pest Control, Portable Toilets & Stormwater

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