Procurement Services is the primary organization responsible for the purchase of all general supplies, furniture, equipment, vehicles and services for the University. Procurement Services manages all general product and service contracts, general maintenance and repair contracts, and capital purchases/contracts.

The duties performed by Procurement Services vary according to the individual needs of the University department. The following is a partial list of the services and responsibilities assigned to Procurement:

  • Signs contracts for the purchase of goods and/or services, license agreements, and real property lease agreements where the duration is six (6) months or fewer - JMU Policy 4100
  • Administers University purchasing function to assure compliance with University policies and procedures, state laws, and regulations regardless of delegated purchasing authority
  • Develops or approves procurement policies, procedures and forms
  • Notifies appropriate levels of management of improprieties
  • Monitors procurement delegation for compliance, withdrawing delegated authority when warranted
  • Procures items costing over $10,000 or more, items costing less than $10,000.01 if requested by department, sole source items, and restricted items (ie. firearms, pharmaceuticals, explosives, alcoholic beverages, leases)
  • Returns any incomplete procurement documents (electronic and manual) to the originating department with the reason for not processing
  • Offers procurement and eVA training to campus departments
  • Operates a first level functional eVA helpdesk for campus departments
  • Communicates with campus departments regarding Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) firms
  • Monitors campus department purchases for SWaM firm usage, as appropriate
  • Issues solicitations, purchases orders, develops and manages contracts
  • Assists campus with vendor sourcing
  • Participates in supplier diversity related fairs and outreach
  • Self-reports eVA non-compliance
  • Processes Agency Transaction Vouchers (ATV) to departments for eVA transaction fees, as appropriate
  • Maintains the University's Contract Insight contract database
  • Participates on various committees including the Virginia Association of State College & University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP), Special Procurement Task Forces, and University Economic Development Committee
  • Maintains appropriate training and required certifications

Procurement Services Contact List and Buyer Commodity Assignments can be found on our staff page.

Procurement Services strives to take care of all customers as quickly/efficiently as possible; however, please note the following:

  • Orders in eVA - Buyers will approve or respond to orders within two (2) business days. Attaching quotes with contract pricing will speed the approval time as buyers will be able to verify pricing quickly.
    • Orders with multiple approvers - Orders with multiple approvers may take longer for the approval process to be completed.
  • Reviewing of contract/agreements - the length of time needed to review and sign a contract/agreement will vary depending upon the complexity of the agreement.
  • Competitive Sealed Request for Proposal (RFP) - Typically the RFP process takes from 3 - 6 months to award a contract depending on the complexity of the procurement.
  • Sole Source - Sole Sources submitted in eVA may take longer to be approved. The assigned Procurement Buyer will need time to verify the accuracy of the sole source requested.

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