If planning to purchase computers, we would encourage you to utilize the Dell or Apple contracts; however, for urgent situations please contact Procurement for permission prior to purchasing computers from the bookstore.

JMU Computing's Hardware Purchase & Repair Information
JMU Computing's Recommended Minimum Configurations


Contract number UVA-AGR-4046

JMU has signed an agreement with Dell based on a cooperative UVA contract that contains pricing and special terms and conditions favorable to JMU. All prices include standard shipping. This special pricing is available online on Dell's JMU Premier Page.

The configurations and available options within each have been approved by JMU Computing Support for use on the JMU network and have an additional discount in addition to the contract discount. Each of these configurations have options to change the RAM, storage, and monitors, along with other peripherals. In addition to the computers, peripherals like printers and Microsoft licenses and other software are also available on Premier Page. Additional training on use of Premier Page is available from the Procurement Buyer assigned to Dell purchases.

When paying to expedite shipping, it is only advantageous if you select next business day shipping. This is due to the fact that Dell orders ship from Nashville, TN and they tend to get to JMU in two days without expediting. Additionally, expedited shipping does not speed up the process of the order. It only has an impact once the order is ready to ship.

Dell computers purchased from the JMU Dell Premier page now come pre- tagged with a JMU Equipment Service Number (ESN) sticker. To have non-Dell devices tagged (for example a printer or Apple computer,) please submit a request through the IT Service Portal - Software, Computers, and Devices / Hardware / Request an Asset Tag (ESN#).

In addtion, the JMU Dell Premier page now provides computer configurations with or without an image preinstalled. Having an image preinstalled allows IT’s Desktop Services staff to minimize customer disruption and complete the setup of new computer quicker than without an image. Image preinstallation costs approximately $25 per computer. If you use IT’s Desktop Services to setup your computers, please select a computer listed as “w/ Image.” If Desktop Services does not perform your computer setups, select a computer listed as “No Image.”

eVA Dell Ordering Instructions

Dell Invoice Retrieval Guide

JMU Sales Representative at Dell: Brad Whitlock - Bradley_Whitlock@Dell.com


Contract number UVA-AGR-4051

Since the transition to the new eVA system, Apple has not yet been fully integrated and
is not accepting purchase card orders. However, JMU has established contracts with
authorized resellers to ensure a smooth procurement process for Apple products. This
approach is particularly beneficial for lower-dollar purchases, preventing an influx of
invoices sent to AP for payment via check. See ordering guide below for more information.

Apple maintains two internet sites, one with retail pricing and one with discounted educational pricing. This educational pricing is available online on Apple's Education Website.

Use of the Apple Education website requires the creation of an Apple ID. This ID will only be used as a logon for the website. Steps on how to create an Apple ID are detailed on the Apple ordering instructions.

In order to place an order to Apple through eVA, it will be necessary to first visit the Apple Education website for JMU to select the items wanted and then place the order in eVA as a Non-Catalog order. For help in accessing or navigating the Apple Store, you may contact the Procurement Buyer assigned to Apple purchases.

To have Apple computers tagged please submit a request through the IT Service Portal - Software, Computers, and Devices / Hardware / Request an Asset Tag (ESN#).

eVA Apple Ordering Instructions

JMU Sales Representative at Apple: Mike Garcia - 512.674.6893 or mgarcia@apple.com

To have printers tagged please submit a request through the IT Service Portal - Software, Computers, and Devices / Hardware / Request an Asset Tag (ESN#).

Lexmark and Xerox

Contract number UVA845196

Dell sells printers by Lexmark and Xerox, information is available on Dell's JMU Premier Page.

eVA Dell Ordering Instructions JMU Sales Representative at Dell: Brad Whitlock - Bradley_Whitlock@Dell.com


HP printers can be purchased through Daly Computers or CDW-G. HP printers should not be purchased with the "HP+" or "HP Plus" configuration option. If you are unsure whether the printer you would like to purchase has this option, please reach out to Procurement Services. Models with the "E" acronym at the end of the model number include the HP+ service.

Software Available Through JMU Computing


JMU has a contract with Adobe to provide Creative Cloud (CC) subscriptions for departmental use. The 3-year contract term is November 2020 - November 2023. To participate, departments must commit to paying yearly for the number of "seats" or installations of CC for the duration of the contract. Seats may be added during the contract term, but seats may not be removed during the term of the contract. Each CC subscription costs $180/seat/year and requires a three-year commitment. Contact Becky Helmick at 540.568.8083 or helmicrp@jmu.edu for more information.

Other Software or Systems

Because of data security concerns, system and software purchases regardless of dollar amount my need additional review by JMU IT. Often additional negotiations on Terms and Conditions may be required prior to a purchase being approved. Advanced planning and consideration for longer processing time should be incorporated.

In accordance with  JMU Policy 1201 - Information Technology Resource Management, JMU Policy 1202 - Information Systems Implementation & Project Management, & JMU Policy 1204 - Information Security, departments are required to contact IT prior to initiating an IT procurement by submitting a Technology Solution Request (TSR)

JMU Policy 1505 - Use of University Owned Telephones & Services by University Employees requires that the university will provide cell phones for shared departmental use only. All university provided departmental cell phones must be approved by the appropriate senior vice president prior to phone purchase and service contract implementation. An approved written request and justification must be submitted to Telecommunications. Additional information regarding procurement of departmental cellular phones for university use is available on the Telecom website.

App Store Purchases (iTunes, Google Play Store, etc.)

If you use a University owned mobile device and would like an app for it, the app should be purchased with the departmental small purchase credit card (SPCC). The app must be for a justified business purpose and a justification memo should be included with the SPCC Reconciliation paperwork submitted to Accounts Payable in the same month the charge appears on the SPCC.

If the individual cannot justify the purchase of the app for University business, the app should not be purchased by the department. Please note: The department is responsible for ensuring that the justification is clear and accurate. The submission of a justification does not guarantee approval. Accounts Payable, after review and investigation, may determine that the justification is not adequate for use of state funds. In these situations, the individual will be required to reimburse the University for the app purchased. University funds should not purchase apps for an employee’s personal mobile device.

Web Design Services/Mobile Application Design

Departments must obtain approval from JMU IT before initiating any web design services. Contact Alison Waide, Senior Director - Information Systems, to initiate the process. After receiving approval from Alison, departments should contact Procurement to discuss the purchase procedure.


In collaboration with University Marketing and the Madison Print Services, all purchases for JMU Stationery items, including business cards, should be made through the Madison Print Services. If you would like to place an order please call 540.568.7300 or email printservices@jmu.edu with your stationery information and order request. If you have any questions regarding JMU's logo and marks usage please contact Carolyn Windmiller, Madison Brand Identity System Coordinator, 540.568.3913 or windmicm@jmu.edu.

Printer Paper

Copier/printer paper may be purchased through the Copy Center. Other types/brands must be purchased through TSRC. If you would like to place an order please call 540.568.7300 or email printservices@jmu.edu.

General Printing Services

In addition to the JMU Copy Center, JMU has several contracts to provide on-demand printing services. Departments may select any of the contracted printing vendors.

A list of current JMU general printing services contracts can be found on the JMU Contract Gateway by searching for general printing services. Instructions on how to use JMU's Contact Gateway.

Special Considerations for printing projects:

For purchases under $10,000, departments may choose any one of the printing contractors and work with them on the printing specifications, times for delivery etc. and ultimately receive a proposal from the contract that would be used to create the eVA requisition. For printing purchases expected to exceed $10,000, Procurement recommends departments obtain three (3) proposals from the contracted vendors and proceed with the proposal that offers the best value to the University. The requisition for the work must be entered into eVA for Procurement's approval prior to initiating work. For questions, contact the buyer assigned to the printing commodity.


Use of the JMU Copy Center or your departmental copier is preferred. Photocopying purchases totaling $10,000.01 or more (excluding JMU Copy Center purchases) will need to be competitively procured. Contact the Procurement Services buyer assigned to the printing commodity with questions.

Departments wishing to schedule a presenter, speaker, or other entertainment should work with Procurement for signature on contract agreements and any other necessary paperwork for payment processing as Procurement Services has signature authority for JMU contracts. Contract agreements for speakers/entertainers should be forwarded to askeva@jmu.edu or the appropriate buyer.

Individuals traveling on official business of the University should refer to Financial Procedures Manual, Section 4215 - Travel for instructions on how to proceed.

If a JMU employee or department desires to have a third party travel management provider plan, coordinate, and/or book reservations for a trip then JMU travel management contracts are available. JMU Travel Management Agency contractor contact information can be found on the JMU Contract Gateway by searching for travel management services. Instructions on how to use JMU's Contact Gateway.

If a department's international purchase is not being imported via an express courier (e.g. FedEx/UPS) there may be a requirement to use a customs broker to clear your imported goods. Each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis and must be facilitated by the appropriate Procurement representative for the commodity.

An AiM purchase order (PO) does not carry the same approval as an eVA PO in that they do not provide the proper approval for purchases made over departmental delegation purchasing limits of $10,000.00. In order to be in compliance with purchasing procedures, all orders ($10,000.01 or more) must have an approved eVA PO prior to purchasing or commencing work.

For any purchases being made, it's expected (and best business practice) to receive a quote before the product/service is acquired. For purchases being made on contract, no matter what the dollar value, a quote shall be requested upfront for review of contract requirements. All purchases requested that are $10,000 or more, whether on contract or not, will require a quote before approval of the eVA PO.

The use of contracted vendors is highly encouraged. These firms have been qualified against their peers and are contractually obligated to negotiated terms and conditions. Only in certain situations when it's in the best interest of the University does it warrant the use of non-contracted vendors over contracted vendors. There are many resources that can be used to find a contracted vendor to provide the product/service needed. Please contact the Facilities and Construction Procurement Team member for help.

All modifications and repairs to campus facilities must be coordinated with, and accomplished by, Facilities Management in order to ensure safe, efficient and code-compliant facilities. Contact Facilities Engineering and Construction for information related to any construction or renovation projects.

JMU Policy 4302 - Facility Modification/Maintenance

If your department is in need of replacement or new window treatments (blinds/roller shades) or screens you must enter a work order request into Facilities Management’s Aim System and they will assist you with the purchase and installation. Departments should not be contacting and/or installing any window treatments or screens on their own.

The purchase of draperies with state funds is not allowed. For departments needing to replace existing draperies that are damaged contact Accounts Payable.

When obtaining draperies or curtains you must obtain a Flame Retardant Certificate. The Contractor must submit a certification in writing that all materials used in fabricating draperies or curtains are inherently flame retardant or have been treated to meet NFPA Standard 701, large or small scale test.

All requests to purchase a new or used vehicle should be sent to the JMU Transportation Department. Transportation will review the vehicle's specifications and determine if it meets the needs and requirements of the department and university.

A department wishing to purchase a vehicle must have enough funding to also cover the following:

  • Delivery Charges
  • Maintenance
  • Tags
  • Virginia State Inspection

For question contact Procurement Services or Doug Judy 540.568.3609 or email judydj@jmu.edu.

JMU Policy 4303 - Use of State Vehicles
Used Vehicles

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