University departments may purchase a variety of supplies from the JMU Bookstore for purchases $10,000.00 or less. The SPCC or Departmental Duke Card can be used as payment methods. Books for your departments may be purchased through the bookstore at a discount. The bookstore can typically provide any item and can easily search for the item with the ISBN.

If planning to purchase a non-imprinted office supply item, we would encourage you to purchase that item through TSRC (The Supply Room Companies); however, any imprinted/specialty item is an acceptable purchase.

If planning to purchase computers, we would encourage you to utilize the Dell or Apple contracts; however, for urgent situations please contact Procurement for permission prior to purchasing computers from the bookstore.

Purchases from JMU Mail Services can be billed directly to your departmental organization code. Department mail must have its six-digit organization number noted on it or Mail Services may not be able to meter and process your mail.

For special large mailings and for sending out large packages, please inform the Processing Center in advance. The JMU Mail Services Processing Center can be reached at 540.438.1018.

Departments may request various services from Facilities Management (FM).  FM requires a Work Order through the AiM system prior to providing services. Departments may contact FM to determine what services are available.

The JMU Warehouse Complex maintains stock items such as batteries and light bulbs. A list of the stocked items is available from the warehouse. Departments may request items by contacting the Warehouse and completing a Warehouse Requisition Form. Any department shipping large items to the warehouse must contact the warehouse in advance. They will not accept a shipment without knowledge of who it is for and when it will be picked up.

JMU Financial Procedures Manual, Section 1025 - Warehouse

Departments should contact the Help Desk 540.568.3555 or to request assistance with JMU-owned computers. The Help Desk will request the ESN of your computer.

Requests for telephone services such as to move or change an existing phone, obtain a telephone or to request repairs all require a memo or an email describing the needed services to the JMU Telecom office. The memo should include a Department ID to charge for the services and the signature of the approving authority for the organization designated.

JMU Financial Procedures Manual, Section 7005.500 - Procurement; Purchases from Campus Facilities

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