The below calculator is currently setup for 2024 fall semester rates only. All calculations are considered estimates. It is recommended to use the calculator as an estimate for setting up payment plans on Flywire prior to billing statements being released for the semester. Billing statements are typically released in mid-July for the fall semester and mid-December for the spring semester. For official billing statements, make sure to login to your M3 account.

Information on charges can be found on their respective department webpages or by calling their offices. 

Undergraduate Tuition Calculator
Select an autofill option or customize your estimate by skipping the autofill dropdown and filling out the form below.

All autofill options are based on Full Time (12 or more) credit hours.

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If setting up a payment plan, make sure you subtract out in the box above any scholarships or financial aid you will receive for the upcoming semester.


Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

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