Change Fund Request

Change Fund Request Form

This form must be completed and submitted to the University Business Office at least five business days prior to the date that the employee needs the funds to be deposited into their bank account. The form must be signed by an individual with signature authority and the funds will be direct deposited to the bank account of the University employee that will be repsonsible for the funds.

Delinquent Account Transfer

Delinquent Account Transfer Form (link goes to Financial Procedures Manual Forms Index)

This form is used by departments to transfer delinquent accounts to the University Business Office. After 60 days, all delinquent accounts are to be transferred to the University Business Office for collection.

The first section of the form is the contact information person submitting the form. This will allow the Business Office to contact the department in reference to the account.

The second section of the form is the information about the delinquent account. The Business Office needs as much of this filled out as possible. Without a Social Security Number of Federal Identification Number we are limited in our methods of collection.

Please attach copies of all correspondence you have had with the account holder. We need this information to be able to pursue the delinquent account.

Departmental Deposits

Departmental Deposits can be picked up by a member of our office and JMU police escort daily between 8:30-10:30AM. If your department has a deposit you would like picked up, please send an email to by 8:00AM of the day you are requesting the pick-up.

Departmental Charges

Departmental Charges Form

This form gathers the information necessary for the University Business Office to collect charges from students on behalf of university departments.

Departmental Wires

If your department is expecting electronic funds (wire/ACH/EFT) to be deposited into a JMU bank account, please make sure to have all paperwork sent by interdepartmental mail to our office (MSC 3516) to the attention of our Senior Cash Accountant or email to

If you have any questions about the paperwork that needs to be completed, please contact our Senior Cash Accountant, Amanda Seward, or our Cashiering Manager, Sara Price.

Deposit Transmittal Forms

JMU Deposit Transmittal Form for Cash
JMU Deposit Transmittal Form for Checks
JMU Deposit Transmittal Form for Electronic Payments
JMU Deposit Transmittal Form Instructions

This form is required to transmit deposit information and expenditure credit items for Treasurer of Virginia revenue items for input to the Financial Information System.

Financial Procedures Manual

JMU Financial Procedures Manual

The JMU Financial Procedures Manual is written and published by the Division of Administration and Finance to provide authoritative guidance on the application of financial related procedures and systems for the University Campus.

For any Finance forms not found here, please visit the Forms Index of the Financial Procedures Manual.

JMU Invoice

JMU Invoice
JMU Invoice Instructions

Invoices are used by departments to bill customers for goods provided/services rendered. A copy of the invoice is sent to the University Business Office.

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