State Domicile Requirements – How to request in-state domicile status

When you are offered admission into JMU, you are accepted as an in-state or out-of-state student based on your current domicile or, if you are a dependent student, the domicile of your parents or legal guardian.

Incoming Students:

The initial decision for your domicile is made by the JMU Admissions Office if you are an incoming undergraduate student; the Graduate School if you are an incoming graduate student; or the Office of Academic Student Services if you are an undergraduate returning to JMU after a two year absence.  Please contact the appropriate office listed above for first semester domicile decisions.

Currently Enrolled Students:

If you are a currently enrolled out-of-state student and think you qualify for in-state tuition based on the Code of Virginia, you must initiate a review of your domicile by completing the Domicile Reclassification Application and delivering it to the University Business Office prior to the first day of classes for the semester which you claim eligibility. 

Delivery of the completed application and supporting documents can be made

  • in person during business hours
  • by secure upload (email to request a secure upload link)
  • by email to
  • by postal services to
    • 738 South Mason St
    • MSC 3516
    • Harrisonburg, VA 22807
  • by fax to 540/568-7363

If you choose to email your application documents, please send the items as attachments to the email rather than in-line images to ensure that the documentation is readable upon receipt.

If the form is received after the deadline (prior to the first day of classes) then the application will be invalid for the current semester.

Students who are in Virginia for educational reasons are typically not eligible to claim Virginia domicile because the presumption is that they are here for educational reasons and not as “bona fide” domiciles.  Dependent students whose parent(s) move to Virginia and establish domicile for a period of one full year may qualify.  In determining the domicile of certain military personnel (active duty or veterans), surviving spouses, or their dependents, the one-year requirement may be waived in accordance with the Code of Virginia. 

Supporting Documentation:

  • Copies of most current state and federal income tax returns (black out social security and bank account numbers)
  • Documentation of physical domicile for the past 12 months, i.e. house closing, lease
  • Immigration documentation (if appropriate)
  • Military Orders or Discharge Papers (if appropriate)

DEADLINE TO APPLY – Prior to the first day of class for the semester which you claim eligibility.

  • Must be received (NOT postmarked) by UBO by the deadline
  • Must be delivered during business hours if hand delivered


If your domicile reclassification application is denied, you have the right to an appeal to the designated domicile official at JMU. If the appeal is denied, you may appeal to the JMU Domicile Appeals Committee which is comprised of a Chairperson and committee made up of JMU faculty and staff.  Each appeal must be submitted within 30 days of the applicable denial notification.


If you have additional questions, please contact Brandon Cline-Taskey at


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