Financial Information & Disclosure Statement

Students are expected to access financial information through MyMadison. Failure to receive email notification of your posted electronic statement is not a justification for granting immunity in financial matters. Failure to access available data through self-service access via MyMadison or to read and comply with University regulations will not exempt students from whatever financial penalties they may incur.

Course Cancellation

Failure to attend a course after registering is not justification for elimination of charges. A student must officially drop the course by the add/drop deadline posted by the Office of the Registrar to qualify for a refund or release of charges. Failure to pay will not release a student from the responsibility for tuition charges. Withdrawing from a class after the official add/drop deadline will not reduce the tuition charges.

Outstanding Debts/Delinquent Accounts

Students with outstanding debts are denied any registration activity until all debts are paid in full. Student accounts are subject to the financial policies of James Madison University, as specified in the University Catalog. Upon recommendation of the Director of the University Business Office and with the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Finance, students in debt to the University may be suspended from their classes or may be withdrawn.

Unless you resolve the debt, the University will advance the matter to the next step in the collection process.

Collection Activities

Once an account is 60 days past due, the delinquent balance is subject to transfer to a collection agency. At that point, repayment arrangements must be made directly with the collection agency, and the account holder is responsible for the additional fees associated with collection efforts. The fee associated with collection efforts are 33.33% of the outstanding balance, which is the standard and customary amount for the collection industry.

Collections in the Commonwealth of Virginia

The University pursues debt in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Virginia Debt Collection Act. Virginia State law requires that the university make every attempt to collect past due amounts owed to state agencies. If, after 60 days, full payment of a debt has not been received, the student account will be placed with a collection agency. Students are responsible for any collection fees incurred if handled by the Office of the Attorney General. You also risk tarnishing your credit rating and will be subject to further enforcement proceedings. Collection efforts are costly to the student. Avoid them by paying on time! Collection fees cannot be appealed. If you find your account has been referred to a collection agency, please contact them immediately to make payment arrangements. Additionally, the account can be listed by the Credit Bureau as a bad debt, a delinquent account can be collected in full from income tax refunds, lottery winnings, or other refunds due from the state, and the account may be turned over to the Virginia Attorney General's Office for litigation. Timely payment is strongly encouraged so that collection efforts can be avoided.

University Agents

JMU partners with the following collection agencies:

Todd, Bremer and Lawson, Inc.
Post Office Box 36788
Rock Hill SC 29732-0512
Phone 1-877-427-6544
Fax 1-803-328-5211

Williams and Fudge
Post Office Box 11590
Rock Hill SC 29731-6266
Phone 1-800-849-9791
Fax 1-803-329-0797

Setoff Debt Collection Act

Under the provisions of this act, an individual's Virginia income tax refund or lottery winnings will be subject to the University's claim for any unpaid balance of tuition and fees. Any communication disputing an amount owed must be submitted in writing to the Bursar, University Business Office.

Perkins & Nursing Loan Exit Interviews

The Perkins Loan Program and Nursing Loan Program require that all recipients attend an exit interview before graduating, leaving the University, or attending less than half-time for the semester enrolled. During the interview sessions our office informs the student of their rights and responsibilities which include the following:

  • Grace Period
  • Deferments and how they work
  • Cancellation privileges and how they work

Students are notified of exit interviews by JMU e-mail. If a student fails to complete the exit interview, a hold is placed on the student's diploma until we have received all the proper paperwork required to meet federal regulations. Exit interviews are completed online with Heartland ECSI by clicking this link. The school code for JMU is w20.

Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

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