eMarket is a registration site designed to accept credit card payments for approved activities and events. Departments that would like to accept online credit card payments for conference registrations, workshop registrations, etc. may submit an approval request to determine if eMarket is acceptable for their needs. An example eMarket can be viewed here.

Step 1: Complete the Business Activity Synopsis and the accompanying Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). Submit completed forms to Cash & Investments, MSC 5711 or leethtc@jmu.edu for review and approval. 

Step 2: Once approved by Cash & Investments, an eMarket Request Form will need to be completed. Request forms must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to the payment acceptance start date. An electronic eMarket request form is available by reaching out to our eMarket Specialist at Marsh4ca@jmu.edu or (540)568-3523. Alternatively, a paper request form is available below if you do not want to use the recommended electronic form.   

Step 3: 

Electronic Form: Form will automatically forward to the next person needed for approval after each signature completion. 

Paper Form: Must be mailed to Mark Angel, the AVP for Finance, at MSC 5719. Once the form is received and approved, it will be forwarded to the eMarket Specialist in the UBO. 

Step 4: After final approval, the eMarket Specialist will work with your department to create the eMarket page.


If you have any questions about the eMarket request process, please contact our eMarket Specialist at (540)568-3523 or Marsh4ca@jmu.edu

UBO Responsibilities
  • Set up the activity/event using information from the eMarket Request Form
  • Make changes to the activity/event as requested by the department via email
  • Provide department with the URL to be placed on the department's webpage
  • Provide department with login information to reports
  • Deposit funds collected to the department's account and provide backup documentation
  • Process refunds to customers as requested by the department via email
Department Responsibilities
  • Complete and submit the eMarket Request Form 30 days prior to the payment acceptance start date
  • Link the departmental webpage to eMarket (link will be provided by UBO)
  • Log into eMarket daily to pull new orders (login information will be provided)
  • Fulfill orders
  • Email the University Business Office regarding changes needed or to inactivate an activity/event
  • Email the University Business Office to issue a refund to a customer
  • Reconcile deposits against your departmental budget
  • Provide assistance and answer all customer questions
eMarket Forms

All Business Synopsis Forms must be completed in addition to the eMarket Request Form if you wish to collect credit card payments for an activity/event. 

Business Activity Synopsis CBA Form
Business Activity Synopsis Form

eMarket Request Form
eMarket Request Form Instructions
eMarket Department Manual

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