Due Dates

Currently Enrolled Students
All tuition and fees of currently enrolled students are due by the semester due date. Holds and late fees may be assessed on accounts not paid by that date.

Enrollment Deposit Payment
Enrollment deposit due dates are indicated on the enrollment deposit invoice you receive from the Office of Admissions.

Payment of enrollment deposits after the deposit due date must be verified by the Office of Admissions prior to activating your student account. JMU reserves the right to refund enrollment deposits that are submitted after the due date or erroneously.

Please allow 2-4 days for your electronic payment to show on your student account.

An email will be sent to the student when the enrollment deposit posts to their account.

Miscellaneous Fees, Fines, Holds and Deposits

Students may encounter other fees, fines and deposits depending on their course of study or specific needs. These could include:

Fees are required for credit by exam, housing contracts, Utility Deposit Assistance Program (UDAP), certain classes, tuition late adjustment, and some health center visits. Long distance telephone calls made from a residence hall telephone are applied as a monthly fee to student accounts. A fee may also be assessed to reissue a lost refund or allotment check or as a result of a late course adjustment.

Fines are assessed by numerous areas on campus which include OSARP, the Library, the Parking Office, Athletics, and Residence Life. Fines from the Parking Office are held for 30 days and if unpaid, are transferred to UBO on the 31st day and are posted to the student account. All fines create an immediate hold on the student account and must be paid in full to have the hold released. Fines can be paid by mailing a check; making a payment by check, FLEX or cash at the cashier counter in Student Success Center during business hours; or at our payment page with a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or electronic check payment.

Holds do not automatically release, but are reviewed once each business day.  If you have paid a balance and need the hold released immediately, please contact the University Business Office during regular business hours and your payment can be verified and the hold released. Holds can also be placed if you are graduating and have not completed your Perkins loan exit interview. 

Deposits are required for university admission and off-campus programs, e.g all study abroad programs and Semester in Washington, and are credited toward the cost of the program. Deposit amounts and due dates will vary depending on the program.

Please contact the office responsible for the fee, fine or deposit for additional information.

General Account Inquiry

The University Business Office provides general information relating to matters of the student's account. The student's account may be viewed through MyMadison in your Student Center and under the finances section click on M3 - My Student Account. The University Business Office can only discuss student account information with the student and Authorized Users. To setup Authorized Users you can read more here.

Statement Information

Initial fall statements will be generated in the middle of July and are due by the semester due date. Initial spring statements will be generated in the middle of December and are due by the semester due date. Students should view their account for an amount due through MyMadison and click on your Student Center and under the finances section click on M3 - My Student Account.

Where are statements sent?
Students and Authorized Users will receive an email when the student's statement is available for viewing online. Students can access their statement by going to MyMadison and click on your Student Center and under the finances section click on M3 - My Student Account.

Authorized Users can log in to view the statements on Madison Money Manager - M3. Since registration activity occurs daily, failure to receive a statement does not relieve the responsibility for timely payment.

Collection Actions

Service Indicators
Only service indicators (holds) placed by University Business Office can be cleared by our office. Normally, paying your statement with the University Business Office will resolve these holds. Other departments that place service indicators include the Health Center, Parking, Telecom, Registrar, Graduate School, and Financial Aid. Those departments release their own service indicators.

Late Fees
A late fee of up to ten percent of the past due balance will be assessed to the student's account if payment is not received by the priority due date. Any balance due that is not covered by financial aid or the installment payment plan by the payment due date will result in a late payment fee which cannot be waived. Financial aid must be accepted and the installment payment plan must be set up by the due date to avoid the late payment fee.

Course Cancellation
Failure to pay will not release a student from the responsibility for these charges.

Collection Fees
In the event an account becomes delinquent, the student is responsible for all administrative costs, and collection fees incurred in the collection of funds owed to the University.

Additional collection information is available on our Collections Procedures page.

Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

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