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Spring 2023 Enrollment Appointments

Graduate and Doctoral students can begin registering on 6:30AM on 11/7/2022.

Continuing Education students can register beginning 12:01AM on 12/26/2022.

Open Enrollment begins 12:01AM on 11/11/2022.

  • Spring 2023 registration will close for currently enrolled students on Tuesday, Novemeber 29th at 11:59PM for Transfer and Freshman Orientation. Registration will reopen on Saturday, December 10th at 12:01AM for all students.

Appointment times are based upon cumulative credit hours earned (not in progress credits). Students can find their credit hours earned on their unofficial transcript via MyMadison.

Students will be able to see their exact appointment time on Monday, October 24th by 9:00AM.

Spring 2023 Enrollment Appointments:

Number of Credit Hours Earned:90+
Enrollment Date: 11/7/2022 at 7:30AM

Number of Credit Hours Earned: 60-89
Enrollment Date: 11/8/2022 at 7:30AM

Number of Credit Hours Earned: 28-59
Enrollment Date: 11/9/2022 at 7:30AM

Number of Credit Hours Earned: 0-27
Enrollment Date: 11/10/2022 at 6:30AM

New Spring 2023 Student Enrollment
New students will be given an enrollment appointment as part of the OneBook process.

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