Declaring a Major -- Important Policies to Review:

As a transfer student, you are more than likely eager to continue the academic progress you have already made at your previous institution. We want to help you along the path of achieving your academic goals, but first, we need to make you aware of a few policies that will help you make an informed decision when declaring your major.

30 Credit Policy

In accordance with university policy, if you are transferring 30 or more credit hours to JMU, then you must choose a major. If you have fewer than 30 credit hours and are undecided about your major, then you may be Undeclared. All students who declare a major will be advised by a faculty member from that department.

Being Undeclared

If you have fewer than 30 credit hours and are undecided about your major, then you may be Undeclared. If you are Undeclared, you will be advised by an academic advisor in Career and Academic Planning who will assist you in the process of choosing a major.

Having an idea of your intended major and your transfer credit evaluation will help your academic advisor make course recommendations to you so that you can register during orientation. If you have received a JMU approved associate degree from a Virginia Community College, your JMU General Education requirements will be waived and the courses you register for at orientation will be courses that help you to progress through major, degree and/or pre-professional and minor requirements.

Portfolio and Audition Considerations

Architectural Design, Graphic Design and Industrial Design
You must have passed a portfolio review to be admitted into the School of Art, Design and Art History and to declare one of the art majors listed above.  For more information on art portfolio reviews, go to the School of Art, Design and Art History website.

Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatre
You must have passed an audition and/or portfolio review to be admitted into the School of Theatre and Dance and to declare one of the majors listed above.  For more information about admission to the School of Theatre and Dance, go to the school’s website and select “Prospective Students” in the navigation pane.

You must have passed an audition and be fully admitted to the School of Music before you can declare the music major.

Studio Art
If you are pursuing a B.F.A. in Studio Art, you must pass a portfolio review. A B.A. or B.S. in Studio Art does not have this requirement.

A Guide to Exploring Majors at JMU

There are many majors that can lead you to the same career path, and many career paths can come from one major. Selecting a major may seem like a daunting process, but whether you've already decided on a major or are still exploring your options this guide offers several ways to explore the majors, minors, and pre-professional programs offered at JMU.

Alphabetical Listing of majors

Find a specific major using this alphabetized index.

Career Guide to JMU Majors

Use this reference to research how JMU majors relate to various career fields. Review the guide.

Explore Majors by Category

Students who wish to pursue teacher education in other areas should consult their advisor for details.

Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs are not majors. Pre-professional programs outline a set of JMU courses and requirements that commonly serve as prerequisites for admission to doctoral and masters-level professional programs.

Sound-Alike Majors

Some majors at JMU have names that are easy to confuse such as the majors listed to the right. Read the names of these majors carefully and then go ahead and simply click on the links to learn more.

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Communication Studies
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Computer Science
Computer Information Systems

International Affairs
International Business

Graphic Design
Media Arts and Design

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