The Office of Orientation and Transition provides a variety of opportunities for current students to serve JMU by assisting first-year and transfer students in their transition to campus. Peer connection is a powerful means to show an authentic and dynamic view of the JMU community. Student staff contributions give life to our programs and leave impressions on incoming students, guests and one another that last a lifetime.

As a member of the Orientation and Transition team, you will learn, develop and grow in unexpected ways. You will experience personal growth, learn more about JMU academic, business, and student life resources, enhance relationships with faculty and staff, facilitate peer discussions, and create memorable experiences. Through Orientation, your opportunities are endless. The choice is yours – apply for one of the many positions available on the O-Team.

Orientation Peer Adviser (OPA)

Applications for Orientation Peer Adviser will open again in October 2024. 

First yeaR Orientation Guide

The Orientation and Transition Office is seeking dedicated, responsible, service-oriented students to serve as 2024 First yeaR Orientation Guides (FROGs) during Weeks of Welcome! FROGs are a diverse group of students who serve as role models for incoming first-year students. They assist with new students’ academic and social transitions to university life. FROGs also serve as representatives of JMU. Applicants of all ages, majors, and leadership experience are encouraged to apply. The application closes on Wednesday, March 20 at 8 PM. Check out our Instagram @jmuorientation to learn more! 

Submit your 2024 FROG application here!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many First yeaR Orientation Guides will you be selecting? 

We are looking to assemble a team consisting of roughly 300 FROGs! 


When are applications due? 

Wednesday, March 20 at 8 PM 


How does the selection process work? 

The selection process consists of 2 stages: the application stage and the individual interview stage. After all applications are reviewed following the March 20 deadline, candidates will be notified if they are selected to participate in an individual interview taking place on Sunday, April 7. 


Is it true that I can’t work another job during my FROG training days and Weeks of Welcome? 

Because of significant Orientation Team responsibilities throughout August and the beginning of September, FROGs are unable to work at or train for another job during that time. It is an expectation of the position that you be available and attentive to your group of first-year students. If you have any concerns, please email us. 


I have a vacation planned during Weeks of Welcome. Am I able to ask for a few days off from my FROG commitments? 

FROGs are expected to participate in all Weeks of Welcome-related training sessions and programs in the spring, summer, and fall. Please mark your calendar with the following dates to avoid any potential conflicts. 

  • Saturday, April 20: FROG Spring Training Day 
  • Wednesday, August 14 – Thursday, August 15: FROG Training 
  • Friday, August 16 – Saturday, August 17: First-Year Move-In 
  • Sunday, August 18 – Tuesday, August 20: Weeks of Welcome 
  • Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25: Weeks of Welcome 


Is there a GPA requirement? 

Because FROGs serve as academic mentors and role models to incoming students, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 expected of all FROGs. When you initial the Acknowledgment Statement on your application, you are giving the Orientation Office permission to confirm your academic standing with JMU. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about this expectation. 


Are graduate students elligible to be FROGs? 

Graduate students may serve as FROGs if they: 

1) Completed their undergraduate degree at JMU, 

2) Served on the O-Team in some capacity (FROG, OPA, OOA) during their undergraduate career, and 

3) Submit a FROG application while currently enrolled as an undergraduate student.  


I still have questions. Who should I reach out to? 

You can stop by the Orientation and Transition Office located on the second floor of the Student Success Center! The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM. You can also contact the office at and 540-568-1787. 

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