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Answers to some common questions:

Why should I choose a major now?

Some majors require several courses within the first semester or first year. Other majors have more requirements in the sophomore, junior and senior years.

Your major, in addition to General Education, is a substantial part of your undergraduate curriculum. By the beginning of your sophomore year you will need to decide on a major. Until then you have time to explore.

If you already know your major, you may officially declare the major when you submit your Summer Springboard reservation through The One Book website.

Can I change my major?

Of course, and it's not uncommon to change your major once you've had some time to figure out your interests, strengths, values as well as your likes and dislikes.

Sometimes you need experience with a major before you know if it's the right fit. Be aware that with a few majors you need to begin taking major courses in your first semester or your first year to be on sequence to graduate within the traditional four-year time frame.

We encourage you to take this time to evaluate your interests. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Is there anything that you happen to be a "natural" at? If nothing comes to mind right away, that's OK. You have your first year to explore a variety of classes through the General Education program.

JMU's Career and Academic Planning office offers a helpful online self-assessment to help you discover majors that match your interests, skills, and career goals. Visit Focus to explore this useful tool.

If you need to submit a change of major request, follow the specific instructions found under FAQs after you log in to The One Book website.

Can I have more than one major?

We would expect you to have various interests and encourage you to explore the various majors via this web site. However, you can only declare one major when submitting your orientation reservation. You are encouraged to explore your interest in other majors when you meet with your academic advisor at Orientation.

Can I be Undeclared?

It's OK to be Undeclared. Many first year students choose Undeclared because they are still exploring a variety of majors. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you select Undeclared:

  • Be aware that with a few majors and pre-professional programs you need to begin taking major courses in your first semester or your first year to be on sequence to graduate within the traditional four-year time frame.
  • Being Undeclared means being committed to exploring majors and careers beginning with the Career Guide to JMU Majors link.
  • When you select Undeclared as your major on your Orientation reservation please use the comment box to indicate what majors interest you.

Explore Majors by Category

Students who wish to pursue teacher education in other areas should consult their advisor for details.

Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs are not majors. Pre-professional programs outline a set of JMU courses and requirements that commonly serve as prerequisites for admission to doctoral and masters-level professional programs.

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