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Pathways to teaching grades 6-12



4 Year

Undergraduate BS Degree *

 *Consult with advisor as some programs [i.e. History & Social Sciences] offer B.A. degrees

2019-20 4-year SEED information

SEED BS Required Course List


General Education (41-44 credits)

Content Major (36-60 credits)

Secondary Education Major (42-45 credits)

B.S. Degree Requirements (6 credits)


Content/Licensure Areas Checklists



5 Year

Undergraduate + MAT

2019-20 5-year SEED information

SEED Minor Required Course List

5 year[Graduate] Secondary Ed Checklist


General Education (41-44 credits)

Content Major (36-60 credits)

Pre-professional Secondary Ed Minor (23 credits)



Content/Licensure Areas Checklists

Masters of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Graduate Level Studies (35 credits)

Add-On Endorsements

The below add-on endorsements are available for licensed teachers:

Post Bac Option

Students who hold a baccalaureate degree in an appropriate content area, may apply to admission to the post-bac program.

The Post Baccalureate packet of information provides details for post-baccalaureate applicants.


Scholarship resources to explore

Visit MSME office for additional scholarship opportunities

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