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The MSME Department currently offers two different graduate degree pathways: a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or a Master of Education (M.Ed.).

The MAT is an initial licensure degree for students seeking to become licensed teachers in middle or secondary education. We offer two different pathways to this degree.

  1. Double Duke: This pathway is packaged with an undergraduate pre-professional program to ensure students meet content area and pedagogical licensure requirements required by the Virginia Department of Education. We offer concentrations in Middle Grades Education (only available to students completing undergrad before spring of 2022 or earlier) and Secondary Education.
  2. Post-Baccalaureate: This pathway is only available to candidates who already have an undergraduate degree and are looking to earn an initial teaching license. We offer concentrations in Middle Grades Education and Secondary Education. Please contact us for more information about our post-baccalaureate initial licensure pathways.

The M.Ed. programs are designed for individuals who currently hold a teaching license. These degrees extend content knowledge and educational leadership skills acquired during initial licensure. The MSME department offers one M.Ed. degree, K-8 Mathematics Specialist. For more information about a M.Ed. in Mathematics, contact Dr. Alexis Stevens in the JMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Follow the links for more information about each program.

Regardless, students seeking to be admitted to these graduate programs must apply through The Graduate School.

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