Overview of the Program

This Master of Arts in Teaching pathway with a concentration in Middle Grades Education is designed specifically for and only available to candidates who already possess an undergraduate degree and who decide to pursue a teaching license after graduation or at the end of their undergraduate career.

This three-semester graduate licensure program starts with foundational pedagogical concepts and skills, with the subsequent semesters building on those experiences. Candidates who complete the program will participate in field experiences in addition to student teaching, as well as be fully equipped with essential teacher “tool-kit” skills for successful classroom instruction.

Graduates of this program will:

  • Learn how to be an educator through hands-on and practical learning experiences
  • Design and deliver curricula that effectively impact student learning
  • Implement cutting-edge best practices for classroom instruction
  • Value diversity of and collaborate with colleagues, parents, and students
  • Experience fieldwork hours in diverse school settings in addition to student teaching
  • Learn from nationally recognized faculty who consistently deliver real, formative support
  • Be reflective practitioners who continually evaluate their instruction,
  • Value lifelong learning, engage in professional development, and conduct educational research
  • Help alleviate the Virginia teacher shortage

*Our programs specifically prepare students for a Virginia Teaching License. Contact the Education Support Center for more information on how to be eligible for an out-of-state license after completion of our program.

Program Overview

Master of Arts in Teaching (36 credits)

  • Foundations and teaching methods/pedagogy - 12 credit hours
  • Literacy - 6 credit hours
  • Field experiences and student teaching - 9 credit hours
  • Theory, Diversity, and Differentiation - 9 credit hours
Middle Grades Education MAT Concentration Curriculum

Pre-Requisite Courses

EDUC 300. Foundations of American Education

PSYC 160. Life Span Human Development

WRTC 103. Critical Reading and Writing

Summer Semester

MSSE 550. Foundations of Instruction

MSSE 503. Classroom Behavior Management in a Diverse Society

MSSE 625. Assessment in Secondary Education

MSSE 607. Middle and Secondary School Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

Fall Semester

EXED 520. Differentiation of Instruction and Assessment to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

LED 595. Literacy Across the Curriculum

TESL 626. Concepts of First and Second Language Acquisition

MSSE 550 - MSSE 563. Content Teaching Methods in Middle Level Education

MSSE 565 - MSSE 568. Field Experience in Middle Level Content Area

Spring Semester

MSSE 650. Internship Seminar

MSSE 675. Internship in Middle and Secondary Education (Student Teaching)

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