The College of Education (COE) offers a "one-stop shop" for all College of Education students from entry through graduation in the Education Support Center (ESC). We support first-year undergraduates, transfer students, and graduate students in their COE major or minor or preprofessional program. We believe that good advising is at the cornerstone of a successful college experience and we are committed to providing a best practices model of academic advising.


You can expect your academic advisor to: 

  • Serve as a resource within the College of Education while teaching you to be independent and responsible
  • Teach you how to navigate academic policies and procedures
  • Create an open, respectful, and supportive environment for all abilities, sexual orientations, genders, races, cultures, religions, and socioeconomic statuses
  • Assist you in defining, developing and following realistic academic goals
  • Assist you in identifying/selecting an appropriate teacher education program
  • Inform you about academic policies and procedures
  • Identify your special interests and/or needs and refer you to appropriate resources

As an advisee we expect you to: 

  • Focus on your role as a student: hold yourself accountable for academic rigor – it is your education! This is your time!
  • Be responsible for your decisions, choices, and actions
  • Seek advice, information, resources, and support
  • Know and fulfill your degree, major and general education requirements
  • Choose a major and career path intentionally
  • Use MyMadison and Canvas for academic planning and resources

Advisors offer in-person appointments in the Education Support Center in Memorial Hall and virtual appointments on Zoom. 

Quick Questions (~15 minutes) 

Schedule a brief meeting to clarify an issue or ask a quick question. Detailed questions will need to be addressed during a general advising appointment.  

General Advising Meeting (~30 minutes)

This is a general advising meeting where we can review program materials, teaching license requirements, and update your academic plan. 

New to Program Advising (~45 minutes)

This is an advising meeting for students who are first year students, transfer students, and/or have newly declared Education as their major and want to learn more about the program. In this meeting we will review program materials, teaching license requirements, and create an academic plan.   

Teach Ambassadors 

The TEACH Ambassadors assist students by offering Peer Advising Sessions and by answering questions about the College of Education and the Teacher Education program application process. Their office is in the Education Support Center in Memorial Hall.

Madison Advising Peers (MAPS)

The Madison Advising Peers (MAPs) are JMU undergraduate students dedicated to helping their fellow Dukes. The MAPs are available to students of any major to assist with general academic advising questions.

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