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In the College of Education, we work to disrupt, interrupt, and change systemic inequities in P-12 schools, adult education, and higher education by demanding equal and equitable rights, opportunities, and treatment for all; to produce inclusive and equitable participation, power, access, impacts, and outcomes for all groups, by embedding educational justice as part of our culture through people, places, programs, policies, and processes. See more here.

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James Madison University’s College of Education is distinguished through faculty and student achievements, academic rigor, excellence in teaching, student and faculty interactions and relationships, technological innovations, and national recognitions. The College prepares students to become professionals who are able to knowledgably integrate diverse perspectives and positively impact the lives of all they serve.

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Whether you are changing or deciding on a majors or interested in adding an Education Minor to your degree, our undergraduate and graduate education programs emphasize advanced knowledge in a specialty areas and will provide you with the opportunity to develop the effective leadership and professional skills required to effectively address the needs of a changing society.

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  • dilley-schiraldi-2.png Friend, Bridesmaid and Coworker

    College of Education graduates Ashley Boyle Schiraldi ('12, '13M) and Kathryn Dilley ('12, '13M) re beginning their 10th year of teaching at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

  • default image Dr. Mark Lewis Selected to Participate in Inaugural ATE “Inquiry Initiative”

    Dr. Mark Lewis, Professor of Literacy Education at James Madison University, has been selected to participate in the inaugural “Inquiry Initiative” sponsored by the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE).

  • default image Shenandoah Valley Ever Green

    "Shenandoah Valley Ever Green" is a seasonal radio program that seeks to illuminate the natural systems at work in the world around us, and to tell about the people who support these systems.

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