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The ARMY ROTC National High School Scholarship Program

  • The application window for the 2023-24 Army ROTC National High School Scholarship is still open for current high school seniors.  Deadline to start the application is 4 February 2023.
  • Selection Board Dates:
    • 1st Board - 17 OCT 2023 (COMPLETE)
    • 2nd Board - 23 JAN 2023 - (COMPLETE) Winners can check their accounts for notification of offers
    • 3rd Board - 13 MAR 2023 - Deadline for documents - 6 MAR

Apply at the link below.

  • Watch the JMU Army ROTC Professor of Military Science (PMS) Welcome Video here




Information about Air Force ROTC - UVA Detachment 890

Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AFROTC) at JMU is established under a cross-town agreement with the University of Virginia. JMU students take AFROTC classes at UVA for JMU credit. AFROTC offers students the opportunity to receive US Air Force officer training while completing undergraduate or graduate studies. AFROTC is the largest of three programs available through the Air Force to earn a commission and serve as an officer in the United States Air Force.

AFROTC offers two, three, and four year commissioning programs for students of all levels, graduate or undergrad*.

More information can be found on the UVA AFROTC website, by calling 434.924.6831 or 877-882-8723, or sending an email to

Project GO - East Africa Studies

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