The Ranger Group consists of Cadets who wish to challenge themselves further by participating in a more rigorous training program. Ranger Group Cadets conduct more physical and field training, and conduct many additional training events throughout the year to better prepare themselves for competition. The Ranger Group focuses their training toward preparations for Ranger Challenge, an event that brings Ranger Groups from many universities together each fall to compete against one another in physically and mentally challenging events, that put them to the test as individuals and as a team.  These events include Basic Rifle Marksmanship, land navigation (day & night), obstacle course, PT test, grenade assault course, ruckmarch, radio communication and much more.

The JMU Ranger Group works to enhance the technical, tactical, and physical skills of its members and accelerate the development of their leadership skills, enabling them to be the leaders of campus and non-campus based ROTC events.  In the Fall, the JMU Ranger Group participates in ROTC's 4th Brigade Ranger Challenge Competition.  In the Spring, the Ranger Group conducts extra training and induction for enrolled Cadets interested in joining the group.



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