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For undergraduate students

As soon as you enter the College of Education at JMU, you have access to multiple avenues to grow into a global citizen. Undergraduate teaching candidates will engage in mandated coursework designed to reveal and challenge your assumptions, allowing you to better reach future students. We have programs in place, both domestic and international, to expose you to a broader world of important questions in the company of faculty with world-class experience on that journey. Practicum experience in local schools will allow you to apply this learning in context.

Immediate opportunities to travel abroad with the COE include both short term, high leverage activities and longer term study abroad for credit.

Short Term High Leverage Activities

We have had several FULLY FUNDED opportunities for students in initial-licensure education programs to travel in Spring and Summer 2024. These opportunities are not for class credit, but still educationally focused and faculty led.

Keep an eye out for new opportunities in the future!

If you have questions, please reach out to Dr. Amy Thelk.

Study Abroad for Credit

If you are looking to spend more time abroad or would like to earn some course credit while traveling, COE faculty lead several Study Abroad programs every year. Study Abroad offerings from the COE typically combine deep cultural exploration with structured experience in local schools. 

Applications for Study Abroad experiences are due to the Center for Global Engagement annually on November 1.

Learn more about two of our programs, taking COE students to Kenya and Colombia in the summer of 2024, by following the links below. Scholarships are available through the JMU Center for Global Engagement.


If you are looking ahead to opportunities in coming years, we anticipate the following offerings beginning in Spring/Summer 2025:

  • TESOL certification coursework in Costa Rica
  • Diversity and special topics school experience in Northern Ireland
  • Schools, democracy, and faith in Turkey
  • Leadership and culture in Jamaica

If you have any questions, contact the Global Education team at the COE.

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