Reserving a Student Recital Ticket

  • Tickets are required for all in person events at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, including the Recital Hall and Concert Hall.
  • For DMA Student Recitals, there are 9 seats available for guests and 3 seats available for faculty.  For Full Student Recitals, there are 10 seats available for guests and 2 seats available for faculty.  For Half Student Recitals, there are 5 seats available for guests and 1 seat available for faculty.
  • Only single seats are available. All attendees must sit 10 feet from one another, regardless of relation or quarantine history.
  • Student Recital tickets are General Admission.
  • To reserve a Student Recital ticket, a unique password must be entered. Please reach out to the Recital performer for this password.
  • All attendees (including faculty) must reserve their tickets online.
  • A unique user profile must be associated with each ticket which will assist with contact tracing if it becomes necessary. 
  • Tickets will be available online up until 24 hours prior to a Friday performance and up until Friday @ 12 pm prior to Saturday and Sunday performances.

Attending a Student Recital

  • The Forbes Center is following all current health and safety guidelines of the CDC, the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the Virginia Department of Health.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols will be used prior to all performances including electrostatic cleaning and the wiping down of all high touch surfaces.
  • All attendees must wear a face mask at all times.
  • Maintain a minimum 6 feet of physical distance from others while inside the Forbes Center performance spaces, lobbies and restrooms. 
  • The Box Office will not be open during Student Recitals to assist with ticketing. Please contact the Box Office prior to the Recital with any questions. The House Manager on duty will also be able to assist with ticketing questions.
  • There are no printed programs.  All programs will be available online prior to the performance.  
  • Please do not arrive at the Forbes Center more than 30 minutes prior to the performance.
  • Seating will begin 15 minutes prior to the performance. 
  • Present your digital or printed ticket prior to entering the hall. Contactless ticketing will be in place. 
  • All available single seats will be marked for easy access.
  • Once the Student Recital has concluded, please exit the hall immediately to allow the cleaning team to disinfect the space. 
  • For the safety of all guests, we ask that patrons move to the Grand lobby following the performance and gather for no longer than 15 minutes.  Please maintain six feet of distance from other patrons at all times. 

COVID-19 Liability Waver and Release of Claims

By purchasing, receiving for free, registering to receive, and/or otherwise obtaining and using a ticket to a Recital performance at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, all Recital attendees are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present and hereby assume such risk.

By attending any Recital performance at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, all Recital attendees, as a condition of using a ticket to enter the venues, voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold James Madison University, any of its employees, representatives, affiliates, or agents liable for any illness or injury incurred as a result of attending the ticketed event.

As a condition of using a ticket, Recital attendees agree to abide by all safety measures and social distancing guidelines established by the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts, including but not limited to wearing a face mask at all times and following all directional instructions. Please refer to for detailed information regarding safety guidelines.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding tickets or seating, please contact the Box Office at 540.568.7000 or

Click on the individual Recital below to start the reservation process.

September 2020
Steven Brancaleone, piano09/27/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
October 2020
Mo Zhou, violin10/04/2012:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Joshua Almond, horn10/10/204:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Brandon Rhinehart, saxophone10/16/208:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Andrew Parker, horn10/16/208:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Maura McHugh, trumpet10/17/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Tim DeSimone, saxophone10/17/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Hannah Thomas, voice10/17/204:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Jeremy Rechner, saxophone10/17/207:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Kyle Remnant, trombone10/18/2012:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Dominic Baldoni, flute10/18/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Julia Fabian, flute10/30/208:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Kristin Gavaza, voice10/31/204:00 PMMastersRecital HallRecital Program
November 2020
Noah Galbreath, voice11/01/204:00 PMSr HalfAnthony-SeegerRecital Program
Miracle Ogbor, voice11/01/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Hayley Zavada Coughlin, voice11/01/208:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Isaac McMahon (lecture)11/03/201:15 PMMastersConcert HallRecital Program
Emily Bryson, voice11/06/207:00 PMSr FullAnthony-SeegerRecital Program
Nick Altman, piano11/06/208:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Abigail Wiegand, piano11/07/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Molly Cahlink, voice11/07/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Patricia Morrison, cello11/07/204:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Aiveen Gallagher, viola11/08/2012:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Elaine Sara Lim, piano11/08/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Anqi He, voice11/08/208:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Margaret Hallauer, voice11/13/205:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Rachel Broyles, saxophone11/13/208:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Anastasia Ross, voice11/14/201:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Hannah Leckner, violin11/14/204:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Nick Adams, jazz trumpet11/14/207:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Sean Breast, euphonium11/15/2012:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Ji Hee Kim, voice (chamber)11/15/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Don Gatz, percussion11/20/205:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Jonathan Waller, percussion11/20/205:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
James Patrick Carroll, trumpet11/20/208:00 PMSr HalfAnthony-SeegerRecital Program
Megan O'Brien, voice11/20/208:00 PMSenior FullRecital HallRecital Program
December 2020
Ben Cinaed, composition12/04/205:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Josh Souders, horn12/04/208:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Thomas Hassett, piano12/05/201:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Emily Martinez, flute12/05/204:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Chandler McLaughlin, trombone12/05/207:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Shelby R. Carico, trumpet12/06/205:00 PMDMAMusic Bldg 142Recital Program
Brandon Morris, voice12/11/205:00 PMSr FullRecital HallRecital Program
Sarah Braverman, piano12/11/208:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Julia Taylor, euphonium 12/12/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Ryan Richardson, tuba 12/12/201:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Ben Dingus, clarinet12/12/204:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Hannah Conn, clarinet12/12/207:00 PMSr HalfRecital HallRecital Program
Christopher Hoffman, jazz12/12/207:00 PMSr HalfAnthony-SeegerRecital Program
Gianne Ge Zhu, piano (lecture)12/13/201:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Steven Brancaleone, piano12/13/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Ziwei Zhou, piano12/19/2012:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
Linlin Uta, piano12/19/204:00 PMDMARecital HallRecital Program
February 2021
Monica Slater, voice02/12/218:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Sarah Zotian, horn02/13/211:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Logan Franz, horn02/13/211:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Mo Zhou ,violin02/14/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Matthew Tignor, bassoon02/20/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Johanna Bagay, trumpet02/20/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Ian Buchanan, jazz guitar02/20/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Kyle Remnant, trombone (lecture)02/21/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Kaleb Branner, guitar02/27/217:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Kathryn Rudnik, flute02/28/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Yun Chen, piano02/28/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Norman Charette, piano02/28/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
March 2021
Howard Kim, voice03/05/215:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Halen Anderson, trombone03/05/218:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Jonah Barnett, guitar03/05/218:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Sophia Shed, harp03/05/218:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Meaghan Travis, piano03/13/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Nick Burzumato, percussion03/14/213:00 PMJr HalfMusic Bldg 108
Tristan Keaton, trumpet 03/19/218:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Boroka Boisen, flute03/19/218:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Hayley Kukulis, voice 03/20/211:00 PMMastersRecital Hall
Meredith Stratton, oboe 03/20/214:00 PMMastersRecital Hall
Kaleb Branner, composition 03/20/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Anna Showalter, piano03/21/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Tin Vi La, piano (lecture)03/21/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Michael Richardson, voice03/21/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Oliver Kriska, violin 03/26/215:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Aaron Green, percussion03/26/218:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Andrew Sheloski, percussion 03/26/218:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Camryn Finn, voice 03/27/214:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Leah Finn, voice 03/27/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Will Alderman, percussion03/28/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Sicheng He, piano03/28/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Sean Breast, euphonium03/28/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
April 2021
Ammad Akbari, voice 04/03/211:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Ryan Radonavitch, trombone 04/03/214:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Cecelia Polvere, voice 04/03/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Christina French, bassoon 04/10/211:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Elizabeth Ritchie, piano04/10/211:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Leah Shewmaker, voice 04/10/214:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Mason Moy, composition 04/10/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Aiveen Gallagher, viola04/11/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Dominic Baldoni, flute04/11/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Miracle Ogbor, voice04/11/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Ian Cox, saxophone04/16/218:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Han Sol Chang, violin 04/17/211:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Michael Kahle, composition 04/17/214:00 PMMastersRecital Hall
Thomas Heal, clarinet04/17/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Kohl Corrigan, percussion04/17/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Emily Rosenberger, voice 04/17/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Yun Chen, piano04/18/2112:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Ziwei Zhou, piano04/18/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Huanwen Wang, piano04/18/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Kendall Waters, composition 04/23/215:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Katelyn Proffitt, clarinet04/23/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Austin Gilbert, clarinet04/23/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Peter Berman, voice 04/23/218:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Sara West, piano 04/24/211:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Maxwell Barrett, viola 04/24/214:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Alexandra Stenseth, double bass04/24/214:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Reese Maultsby, percussion 04/24/217:00 PMMastersRecital Hall
Eizabeth Thomas, voice04/24/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Grace Mead, voice04/24/217:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Anthony Cincotta, saxophone 04/25/2112:00 PMDMARecial Hall
Elaine Sara Lim, piano04/25/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Amy Millesen, trumpet04/25/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Christopher King, viola04/25/214:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
Ji Hee Kim, voice04/25/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Dillon Corral, voice04/30/215:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Autry Harper, voice04/30/218:00 PMJr HalfAnthony-Seeger
May 2021
Harriet Saunders, voice 05/01/211:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Alexia Diez-Fugitt, flute05/01/211:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Jacob Dean, cello 05/01/217:00 PMSr FullRecital Hall
Sierra Lambert, voice05/01/217:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Nina Loncar, trumpet 05/01/217:00 PMSr HalfRecital Hall
Hayley Coughlin, voice (lecture)05/02/211:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Anqi He, voice (chamber)05/02/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Afroditi Mitsopoulou, piano05/08/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Sarah Braverman, piano05/08/218:00 PMDMARecital Hall
Hao Zhang, piano05/09/214:00 PMDMARecital Hall

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