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The HR Consulting Services Team partners with employees, supervisors, and department leaders to provide guidance and consultation to the university in the following areas: employee relations, job classification, compensation, salary and position studies, performance management and planning, mediation services, employee recognition and rewards, policy interpretation, compliance, and professional development.

To allow for direct access, consistent communication, and targeted customer service, an HR Consultant from the team is assigned to a department or unit on campus to serve, assist, and advise customers as needed.

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Total Compensation Estimator

Have you ever wondered about the value of your JMU compensation? Your direct pay and your indirect paymake up your total compensation. Direct pay is generally identified as your ‘pay check’. Indirect pay is the value of your benefit package. Check out the Total Compensation Estimator. This will provide you with an estimated value of your total compensation. It also offers a colorful visual representation of the total compensation package you have as a full-time employee!

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