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mohammed-square.jpgGraduate school is rich with experiences in and out of the classroom. International graduate students immerse themselves into the culture of not only JMU, but also the regional and national culture.

Mohamed Serry is an international graduate student in the Adult Education/Human Resource Development program. Follow along on his journey as a JMU graduate student.

My graduate student experience

  • summer camp thumb A Long Summer

    How did graduate student Mohamed Serry spend his summer break?

  • Graduate student gathering Halfway to graduation

    After completing his first year of graduate school, Mohamed reflects and shares his feelings.

  • Mohamed opera thumbnail Night at the opera

    Mohamed and friends go to the opera!

  • Mohamed in snow thumbnail Let it snow!

    What is it like to see and feel snow for the first time? Mohamed can tell you.

  • Display Name only 100 Days

    Mohamed reflects on his first 100 days at JMU and living in America.

  • Football thumbnail The Game

    Mohamed shares his first experience at a football game at an American university.

  • Mohamed Serry thumbnail Faren what?

    Mohamed Serry, 1st year graduate student shares his experiences as he transitions from Egypt to the US and JMU.

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