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SUMMARY: Dardanë shares her favorite study places, and how these help her be more productive and stay motivated during her graduate studies.

The place I choose to study heavily depends on how I’m feeling and how much work I have. Where I study greatly influences how productive I am. Throughout these two semesters, I’ve used various spots for studying, and below are some of my favorite locations to get work done. 

When I’m in the mood for a bit of social energy mixed with my study session, I go at the Grad Suite at Harrison Hall. This is a space that Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication graduate students can use. Here I can do both independent and collaborative work. Favorite Study SpacesThe atmosphere is cozy and there are comfy chairs. However, I can’t stay there for more than two hours, because I need natural light; otherwise, I start feeling anxious and lose track of time. 

On some days I need a quiet environment to get a lot of work done. The Rose Library is a great spot in these cases. The quiet space and natural light coming through its large windows create a great setting for my focused study and writing sessions. I also like the big table spaces, the areas for group work, and the resources available there. The big tables give me enough room for spreading out my materials, staying organized, and not feeling chaotic.  Favorite Study Spaces

Cafes around campus and in downtown Harrisonburg make great study spots too. Sometimes when I’m alone for a while and need some company without too much talking, I head to a cafe to work alone or with friends. I’m particularly fond of the Coffee Hound downtown. Being around people but not necessarily interacting with them, the cozy setup, the pastries, soft music, and friendly vibes, makes me feel good and helps me focus. I can write more when I am surrounded by people rather than alone. It’s a nice change of pace from studying alone a lot of the time.  

Finally, there’s no place like my room when it comes to studying in comfort. When I am sitting at my desk with my laptop and a cup of coffee, there’s a sense of familiarity and peace that helps me stay focused. And, having all my favorite snacks within arm’s reach definitely doesn't hurt either! 

Each of these spots help me make the most out of my study sessions and stay productive and motivated.

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by Dardanë Halimi

Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Last Updated: Thursday, March 28, 2024

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