Psychologists study the behavior of humans, but not all humans are alike; understanding another cultural perspective can help a future psychologist analyze specific behaviors and interpret and make comparisons between social institutions. Immersion in another culture can give psychology students a deeper educational background on identity, lifestyle, and behavior.

See the list of recommended study abroad programs below.  Please be aware that for any external or exchange study abroad programs listed, students will need to check with their academic department to see if courses taken while abroad will transfer and fulfill needed requirements.

JMU Programs

JMU offers many programs specifically geared towards Psychology majors such as:

Examining 'La Dolce Vita' through Cross-Cultural Psychology in Italy - Summer

JMU Summer in Ghana and Internship - Summer

Exploring the Good Life in Scandinavia - Summer

JMU Exchange Programs

University of Leicester (UK) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

Flinders University (Australia) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

American University in Cairo (Egypt) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

External Programs


Other Related JMU Programs

Communication, Conflict and Culture in Ireland - Summer

UK Linguistics - Summer

Culture of the Japanese Alps - Summer

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