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Lena Caffall| Major: Spanish and Elementary Education
Semester in Spain - Summer 2024

"Studying abroad in Salamanca was an incredible opportunity and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Living in Spain allowed me to be fully immersed in the culture and lifestyle, providing me with so many opportunities to learn and explore. Through the program, I met many new people and formed incredible friendships. I loved how the program included meaningful classes at the University of Salamanca as well as excursions to various locations across Spain. This experience motivated me to grow outside my comfort zone and try new things. From the beautiful views of the Picos de Europa to the delicious tapas, Spain has so much to offer, and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning Spanish while living in a vibrant, exciting culture."


Sophia Patchan | Major: Spanish
Semester in Spain - Spring 2023

"My semester abroad in Salamanca was an experience like no other. Being immersed into another culture, language, and lifestyle was incredible. I really enjoyed traveling to different cities like Sevilla and Barcelona, and even Oporto, Portugal. I grew a lot both as a student and an individual, made some great friendships with Spanish students, and learned so much about Spain itself."


Nico McMillen| Major: International Affairs and Spanish
Semester in Spain - Spring 2022

“Studying abroad in Salamanca has to be one of the most unique and greatest experiences of my life. With this program I got a great mix of academics, cultural enrichment, and travel experiences. I had traveled abroad before, but I had never lived abroad. This program opened my eyes up to the world on a whole other level by actually living and studying just like a European student would. The language immersion I experienced was also very beneficial to improving necessary language skills. The memories I made traveling with my group will also be some that I will cherish forever. This program just brings people together and helps create lifelong friendships. Being able to travel with your friends as well as learn together just brings you closer than you could ever imagine. If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.”

Gabby Baker
Gabriela Baker | Majors: Spanish and Media Arts & Design 
Semester in Spain & Internship - Summer 2017

"I learned that broken Spanglish, accompanied by random hand gestures somehow works as a form of communication. I learned to take notice of who I was; of new things that ticked me off and brought me peace. I learned the feeling of peace and empowerment I got at the top of a mountain (Los Picos de Europa), the view from a hotel window (Parador of Fuente Dé) and sitting by a river (Rio Tormes) can make each day one-of-a-kind. My semester in Spain was a series of moments: moments that can’t fit in the box of JMU or Home, and can’t be categorized as a vacation, school or work. Spain fell into a category of its own. It was, and will always be, an irreplaceable experience, with people met, places venture, and lessons learned that will last a lifetime."

Jade Tate
Jade Tate | Major: International Business 
Semester in Spain - Summer 2018

"I was able to receive an authentic experience and education. I want to further my career with international business and this experience enhanced that. My favorite part of the program was getting to know my 'madre' and professors. I also enjoyed getting to see all of the beautiful places and seeing their history through the architecture."

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