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Location Description

Salamanca, located in northwestern Spain (about two hours from Madrid), retains its enchanting medieval character. The city has been occupied by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Moors and the Castilians. Hannibal, Columbus, Fray Luis de Leon, Cervantes and Unamuno are among the famous residents of the city. As the oldest university in Spain and third in Europe, the University of Salamanca was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX.

The city of Salamanca is ideal for foreign students because of its beautiful setting and small size. It is a great location to explore and experience the Spanish culture and history. Salamanca is enriched with theatres, concerts and museums that represent the cultural dimension of Spanish history.


Another highlight for the Semester in Spain program is the opportunity to explore different parts of Spain and other cities in Europe. From Roman ruins, religious buildings, international masterpieces to the highest peak in Spain, students have the chance to visit several major cultural and important sites that define the overall Spanish and European culture. Some of the excursions include Castilla y León (Salamanca, Segovia, Toro), Andalucía (Sevilla, Granada, Córdaba), Cantabría (Santander, Cuevas de Altamira) and Madrid. The program also travels to Paris (Fall and Spring) so students have the opportunity to experience other European cities. Attendance at concerts, theatre and dance productions, museums and cultural events are all incorporated into the semester calendar to expose students to the variety of Spanish culture.

During the program, students will have vacations and free weekends for travel and personal exploration at their own expense. We do encourage family and friends to join the excursions by arranging the details with the onsite director with anticipation.


Semester in Spain Program Accommodations:
Students will stay in dorms within walking distance of the school and the city center. Meals are provided by a weekly meal stipend. Students will be able to learn about the Spanish way of life in an environment outside the classroom by living life in the community. On overnight program excursions, hotel stays will be provided.

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