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Application Deadline: Rolling Admission


Seoul, South Korea

Location Description

From modern skyscrapers and neon lights to Buddhist temples, palaces and pagodas, Seoul is a fascinating mix of old and new. A hub of business, culture and finance both within South Korea and internationally, Seoul houses the headquarters for some of the world's largest corporations. It also has one of the world's best subway systems - the easiest way to get around in this densely populated area. For the best view of Seoul, head to the tower on Namsan, one of the mountains encircling the city.

University Profile

Since its founding, Kyung Hee University has pursued the Kyung Hee Spirit of "Scholarship and Peace" as well as the founding principle of "creating a civilized world." For the past 62 years, the University has developed remarkably, contributing to the fulfillment of a "cultural world for humanity" as the leader of the future of academics and the creator of common values for humanity. In particular, the past five years have witnessed notable growth and a rise in the University's stature through forward-looking and adventurous endeavors in education, research, public service, and praxis.


Courses for Exchange Students

- Undergraduate courses in English

Most exchange students take this program. Various departments offer courses in English. The English course list for each semester will be sent to students one month before the semester starts. Before selecting specific subjects, all the students who apply for the exchange program must choose one major and fill out ‘Major of Choice at Kyung Hee’ on the application form.

- Field of Study for those who apply for Undergraduate course

More information can be found at the Official English Website of Kyung Hee University at

<Seoul> College

Department or Major

College of Humanities

Korean Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, English (English Language and Literature , English Language and Linguistics, English Interpretation and Translation)

College of Law

School of Law - Major in Law

College of Politics and Economics

Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Economics International Business and Trade, Journalism and Communication

College of Business Administration

Business Administration, Accounting, Health Service Management

College of Hotel and Tourism Management

Convention Management, Food Service Management Culinary Science and Arts, Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Tourism English Interpretation, Tourism Japanese Interpretation

College of Sciences

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Geography, Information Display

College of Human Ecology

Food &Nutrition, Child &Family Studies, Housing &Interior Design Clothing &Textiles, Elder Welfare & Counseling

*College of Music

Composition, Voice, Instrumental Music

*College of Fine Arts

Korean Painting, Painting, Sculpture

*College of Nursing Science

Nursing Science, RN / BSN Programs

▷The asterisks(*) indicate colleges with very few English courses.

※ Restriction

College of Medicine, College of Oriental Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Arts and Design (School of Dance), Humanities College

Gobal Campus <Suwon> College

Department - Major


Mechanical Engineering

Industrial & Management Systems


Nuclear Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Advanced Materials Engineering for

Information & Electronics

Civil Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering


Electronics & Information

Electronics and Radio Engineering

Computer Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Applied Sciences

Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

Applied Chemistry

Astronomy and Space Science

Life Sciences

Genetic Engineering

Food Science & BIO Technology

Oriental Medicinal Materials

& Processing

Ecosystem Engineering

Horticultural Biotechnology

International Studies

International Studies

Foreign Language & Literature







Global Communication

-British-American Language & Literature

-British-American Culture

Art & Design

Industrial Design

Visual Information Design

Landscape Architecture

Textile & Clothing Design

Digital Contents

Ceramic Arts

Postmodern Music

Theater & Film

Physical Education

Physical Education

Sports Medicine

Golf Industry


-Korean Language Program

This program is both available at the Institute of International Education in Seoul and Global Campus. Students should be aware that if taking this language course, you cannot take any regular course as it is very intensive course with a lot of assignments, from 9am till 1pm (Everyday). In regards to acquiring credits for these courses, students must consult with their institution’s academic advisor/international coordinator of home institution in advance to see if they can receive official credits. Website of Institute of International Education -

- Sample course combination for exchange students

1. Intensive Korean Language Program only (from 09:00 to 13:00 everyday from Monday to Friday) Students can take part in Korean language program at the Institute of International Education

2. 3 ~ 5 regular courses. (Minimum of 3 regular courses and maximum of 6 regular courses.)


On-Campus Housing

Seoul Campus

Sameuiwon Dormitory

Located on the Seoul campus, Sameuiwon is a newly renovated dormitory complex that can accommodate 392 students. Both Korean and international students may opt to live in this dormitory. The rooms are equipped with beds, desks, cabinets, air conditioners, LAN, and land phones for the comfort of students. Generally four students share each room.

Sewhawon Dormitory

Partially funded by the Korean government, this new residential hall opened in March 2005 with the most up-to-date facilities. It can accommodate a total of 432 students. Two students share a room with a toilet and bathtub.

Global Campus

Woojungwon Dormitory

Woojungwon opened in August 1998 on the Global Campus as Korea’s first studio-style dormitory and accommodates 1,943 residents. It has seven floors above ground and one floor underground and is equipped with department store exclusively for students and a spacious cafeteria.

The 2nd Dormitory

Constructed in 2008, the 2nd Dormitory on the Global Campus consists of two buildings that are equipped with the best quality facilities and residential space. The A wing for female students has ten floors above ground and one underground floor while the B wing for male students has 13 floors above ground and 1 underground. Together, they accommodate 2,190 people.
Find more information here: 

Reflection Paper

All students who participate in a JMU exchange program will be required to write a reflection paper upon completion of the program which will be available for future participants to read.


Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing with the university.

How to Apply

To apply for Spring 2019, please email the Exchange Program Coordinator, Pernell Whitfield, at to have your exchange application generated.

The application for admission has a number of parts. See the outline below and make certain you have completed all steps in the application process.

Spaces are limited.

A completed Exchange Program application consists of the following components:

  • Online application 
  • Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit Form
    Available from the Registrar's Office or downloadable here in Adobe Acrobat format.
    Required of ALL students studying abroad on an External program. 
  • Exchange University's application (upon acceptance from JMU)

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarships specifically for exchange programs are sometimes available. Check our website for current offerings. Most forms of financial aid apply to the cost of study abroad programs. Students should consult with a financial aid counselor for specific information about awards and eligibility. For more information, please click on the following link to the Financial Aid & Scholarships page.


Fall 2018: Sep 3 - Dec 14
Spring 2019: Mar 4 - Jun 14

(all dates are tentative and subject to change)


In-State Out-of-State
Tuition 5,195 13,082
Housing 1,500 1,500
Meals 1,980 1,980
Student visa 60 60
Health Insurance 254 254
Books 300 300
Personal Expenses 1,800 1,800
Airfare 2,000 2,000
Total Estimated Costs 13,282 21,313

(all fees are tentative and subject to change)

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