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Seattle, WA; San Diego, CA, USA

Program Description

This program provides an extraordinary combination of studying two College of Business Computer Information systems (CIS) courses in Europe while experiencing business, culture, and history on the west coast area of the United States. The two CIS classes are Analysis and Design and Web Design and Development. However, learning will go beyond a traditional JMU classroom, since you may have guest lectures on the local culture, language, history, technology, and you will be living and traveling in the western United States.

The final deliverable for the summer will be an group project and a robust web site. Collaboration will be necessary for a group to be successful.

Students that successfully complete this summer program will meet the requirements of CIS 454 and CIS 366 toward a CIS major or minor. Class field trips may include sites and businesses in various locations. There will be some free time for students to explore outside of class activities. The combination of studying, living, and traveling in the western United States will make this an experience that you will not forget from an academic, business, and personal perspective.

Location Description

This program will take place in Seattle and San Diego. Seattle offers something for everyone.  You have access to mountains, ocean, desert, a rainforest, farmland, city. And even a volcano! Seattle boosts many technology companies including Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon to name a few. There are many interesting places to see like the Fremont Troll, the Space Needle, Pike’s Place Market and even the Gum Wall. 

San Diego offers surf, sand, and sun. The weather is gorgeous year-round. There are very few rainy days. Besides beautiful beaches, there are many other activities including the famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, shopping, a nightlife scene and over 200 craft breweries.

There will be free time for you to travel on your own. 


Carey Cole| | CIS & BSAN


We plan to stay in hotels for the majority of our stay. The plan is that students will share a room.

Students will be provided with a stipend for their meals. In addition, some group meals will be provided.

Additional Items to Consider

Students MUST bring a laptop computer with them for their coursework for the program.

Many of our field trips will require walking and may involve hiking in a city or outside of a city.

Some online coursework will be required starting the week of June 26 during the evenings. The exact days and times will be decided later, but it is required that students attend all sessions live since the sessions will not be recorded.

COVID-19 Location Information:

Each country has different requirements upon entry with regard to COVID-19. Please check this website for the most up-to-date information on what is required for the country (or countries) that are part of this program. Please note that this changes often, so we encourage you to check back frequently.

Applicant Criteria

Applicants must have a GPA minimum of 3.0

Prerequisites: Completed CIS 221 with a "C" or better (To be completed by no later than the end of fall 2021). A grade of a "B" or better is preferred.

CIS Majors: COB300 acceptance or completion by no later than the beginning of spring 2022.

CIS Minors (Business majors): COB300 acceptance or completion by no later than the beginning of spring 2022 and acceptance into the minor by no later than spring 2022.

CIS Minors (Non-Business majors): Acceptance into the minor by no later than spring 2022.

Junior or senior standing 

JMU Students Only

Application Process

This list serves as an application preview. To apply, students will need to complete the following:

  • Study Abroad Online Application ($40 fee)
  • Short Essay 
  • Interview with Program Director

Further details and instructions about these application requirements will be available upon log-in. 

Application Deadline


All dates are tentative and subject to change


CIS 366: Web Design and Development (3 credits)

CIS 454: Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)

Courses listed here are to be used as a general guideline for program curriculum. *All courses are considered pending until approved by the Academic Department, Program, and/or College.


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