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Malmö, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Sweden, Denmark

Program Description

Welcome to "Scandinavian Design and Sustainability", a four-week immersive program that explores the intersection of design and sustainability in Sweden and Denmark. This program is created for designers, including Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Architectural Design, and Engineering.

Our program is based in Malmö, Sweden, which is the third-largest city of the country and situated at its southernmost point. It is also home to our longstanding partner at Malmö University. Malmö's close proximity to Copenhagen, Denmark, enables a seamless exploration of sustainability principles in design across diverse scales, ranging from everyday objects to city streets. You'll experience firsthand how sustainability can be incorporated into the urban form, for incorporating biophilic design into the architectural and urban form.

In Copenhagen, we participate in the "3 Days of Design," interacting with internationally renowned designers, which will deepen your understanding of design and sustainability. A short distance from Malmö is Lund, a city where history and modernity intermingle, offering profound insights into Scandinavian aesthetics.

Your journey will take you to Älmhult, the birthplace of IKEA, where you'll engage in an interactive design workshop and witness the streamlined processes behind this global design behemoth. A visit to Recolab, which is pioneering sustainable reuse, further underlines the program's sustainability emphasis. We will explore Helsingborg and the picturesque island of Ven, before moving northward to the vibrant city of Gothenburg and finally, Stockholm. There, you'll, visit design museums, and partake in a daylong kayak trip to explore the cities blue zones.

A unique feature of this program is the emphasis on interdisciplinary team studio work. You'll have the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge to a practical sustainable design project, translating your experiences into your unique design vision.

"Scandinavian Design and Sustainability" provides an enriching journey through cities, archipelagos, coasts, parks, public transit systems, forests, and museums, deepening your understanding of Scandinavian culture and its influence on design. We invite you to join us to be inspired design in the Scandinavian context.

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Location Description

Scandinavian Design and Sustainability is based out of the charming city of Malmö, the southernmost point of Sweden. This bustling port town-turned burgeoning coastal metropolis offers a blend of rich history and contemporary living, providing an inspiring backdrop for your studies. The cityscape is marked by the world-renowned "Turning Torso" building, a testament to Malmö's commitment to forward-thinking architecture and design. Malmö, often referred to as the "worldliest, grittiest and most continental of Sweden's major cities," offers an exciting mix of markets, Italian coffee culture, and edgy cafes, challenging Nordic stereotypes at every corner. The city's diversity offers unique opportunities for cultural exchange and immersion, enriching your study experience.

A mere twenty-minute train ride over the Øresund bridge is Copenhagen, Denmark, a global design hub. The Danish capital offers a sleek mix of history, modernity, and cutting-edge design. From Michelin-starred and farm-to-table restaurants to vibrant bike culture and a pristine harbor, Copenhagen offers endless sources of inspiration and exploration.

Your Swedish adventure doesn't end here. Your experience includes trips to Gothenburg, Sweden's second-largest city, and Stockholm, the capital city. Gothenburg, known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards, combines a rich history with a passion for innovation and creativity. Meanwhile, Stockholm, the “Beauty on the Water," sprawls across a network of islands and bridges, boasting almost 100 museums, myriad historical buildings, and lush parks.

Scandinavian Design and Sustainability is carefully scheduled during the Swedish summer, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the region's best weather. Long, balmy days with endless sunlight are perfect for exploring outdoors, coastal walks, or simply relaxing by the sandy beaches. Swedish summers are notoriously magnificent, and our program offers you the chance to experience this firsthand.

This is more than a study program—it's an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Nordic lifestyle, expanding your horizons through learning, exploring, and adventuring. Welcome to your unforgettable study abroad journey in Sweden and Denmark!


Justin Henriques | | Engineering

Carissa Henriques | | SADAH


Students will be provided with well-furnished, apartment-style accommodations that are strategically located near the University of Malmö. Students will share these apartments with two to three other JMU peers. The student residences have been chosen not just for their comfort and amenities, but also for their safe and secure location, with night security ensuring peace of mind.

During the course of the program, students will be responsible for managing their own meal expenses, including groceries and dining at restaurants. However, the program does include certain meals as part of required excursions and outings.

Additional Items to Consider

Sweden is a member of the European Union (EU), and as such, they will follow all EU policies.

Students must possess a valid passport prior to traveling to Sweden.

Visas, immunizations, or background checks are not required for US passport holders.

Immunizations may be required for entry to Sweden and Denmark.

Most Swedish speak English, so no additional foreign language experience is required.


Applicant Criteria

Applicants must have a GPA minimum of 2.0

Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors

Open to JMU students only.

Application Process

This list serves as an application preview. To apply, students will need to complete the following:

  • Study Abroad Online Application ($40 fee)
  • Short Essay 
  • Interview with Program Director may be required

Further details and instructions about these application requirements will be available upon log-in.

Application Deadline


All dates are tentative and subject to change


ARCD 392: Scandinavian Environments: Inside & Out (3 credits)

INDU 392: Sweden and Denmark (3 credits)

ENGR 480: Green Infrastructure & Biophilic Design Project (3 credits)

ENGR 498: Sustainable Design in Scandinavia (3 credits)

GRPH 392: Scandinavian Design (3 credits)

Courses listed here are to be used as a general guideline for program curriculum. *All courses are considered pending until approved by the Academic Department, Program, and/or College.


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