JMU offers a LOT of spectacular Study Abroad opportunities. But even with over 80 of our own program options each year, some students are still wondering, "Is there a program 'out there' that will work for me?" Well, we can say with much confidence that "there is!" We have many partners with opportunities all over the world. Below is a short list of examples. For a complete list and information regarding External Programs, click here.

Please look at these and reach out to Donna Sharpes with any questions. 


As an AIFS Affiliate, all JMU students receive $400 off their AIFS semester program fees and $200 off summer.  

See AIFS's upcoming semester open programs!


Gain valuable work experience while studying abroad with CAPA in a global city! CAPA summer and semester study and intern programs are available in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, and Sydney.

CAPA programs are inclusive of as many expenses as possible including public transit passes, housing, internships, excursions, and of course tuition and more!

CAPA offers an automatic Affiliation Grant of $600 off the cost of CAPA semester programs and $300 for summer programs for JMU students. Additional scholarship opportunities of up to $5,000 are available.

Check out their programs here


Looking for money saving programs offered by CEA? Check out Latin America, Ireland and Spain!

And, this program search page is sorted by price!

CEA often offers flight vouchers for up to $1,000 as a bonus to students who apply early, so don't wait!


CIEE Global Institutes is an Open Campus program that gives you the opportunity to study in up to three cities in one semester, stay on track with your academic credits and do so at an affordable price. You get to choose from Berlin, Cape Town, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile. For more details, check out their website.

OPEN CAMPUS – ONE, TWO or THREE CITIES – only at our Global Institutes

Choose your academic track, length of stay, enrichment projects and location.

One Block

6 weeks

1 location. 6 semester credits. Fits most schedules.

Two Blocks

12 weeks

1 or 2 locations. 12 semester credits. Qualifies students as full-time.

Three Blocks

18 weeks

1, 2, or 3 locations. 15 or 18 semester credits.

Six Blocks

36 weeks

1 or 2 locations. One academic year.

CIS Abroad

CIS Abroad offers low cost program options.

Check it out for yourself on their Most Affordable Programs page.

Semester programs under $12,000.

Summer programs & internships under $5000.

EdOdyssey Semester Study Abroad

EdOdyssey offers incredible semester programs in Lima, Peru and Florence, Italy that are affordable and inclusive with an emphasis on authentic immersion and cultural learning. 

  • Affiliation Discount: Receive an automatic $500 discount off of EdOdyssey semester programming as a James Madison student.
  • Airfare Promotion: For many students, international airfare is often one of the biggest upfront costs to study abroad. To help, EdOdyssey frequently provides funding towards students who participate in EdOdyssey study abroad programs. Visit our Study Abroad webpage for current promotions.
  • Study Abroad Semester(s) Scholarships: Apply for EdOdyssey’s merit-based scholarships to receive $100-$3,000. Visit our Money Matters page for more information on our scholarships and to apply.
  • Study Abroad Semester(s) Financial Aid: For students with demonstrated financial need, EdOdyssey offers up to $1,000/semester or $3,000 full year (2 semester) in financial aid. Visit our Money Matters page for more information for eligibility requirements and to apply.

*Note: EdOdyssey promotions, scholarships, financial aid, and other discounts cannot be combined. If a student has multiple options, EdOdysssey will provide students with greatest one-time financial assistance.

Have a question regarding semester study abroad opportunities and program eligibility? Contact Us for more information!

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)

TEAN, the Education Abroad Network, offers wonderful low cost opportunities in Asia and Australia. Check out the options below! 

 Tip: To keep costs lower, choose the least expensive housing option.

IES Abroad

IES offers a Public University Grant

The Public University Grant is an automatic $2,000 credit toward all IES Abroad semester and academic year/calendar year programs. *

  • You don't have to apply! This grant is automatically given to all students who qualify.

*Students on summer, Customized & Faculty Led, or full-time semester internship programs are not eligible for the Public University Grant. Students on academic year and calendar year programs will have the Public University Grant applied to the first term only.

Some IES programs are under $15K once you add the Public School Discount. 


Automatic State School Grant - All state school students (regardless in-state and out-of-state status) will automatically receive a $2,000 grant for any IFSA semester program. The grant will be applied to the overall tuition/housing costs during billing. There is no application process; state school (including community college) students automatically receive the discount.

First Generation College Student Scholarship - Our achievement-based scholarship program offers first generation college students significant financial, academic, and preprofessional support for study abroad on a summer, semester, or year IFSA program.

Program Specific Scholarships - IFSA offers numerous scholarships that reflect our strong relationship with overseas partners and honor the legacy of our colleagues and students. These scholarships are specific to certain programs or countries

For more details go to the IFSA funding page.

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