Bandung, Indonesia

Semester Timeline

Semester Fall:  August - December
Semester Spring:  January - May

Application Deadline

Applications Open: September 1st
Application Deadline: February 1st
Decision Date: March 1st

University Profile

Founded in 1955 "Universitas Katolik Parahyangan" (Parahyangan Catholic University) is one of the earliest universities established in Indonesia, one of the many private universities in Indonesia, UNPAR is still trusted by the local community as a university with a good reputation and high integrity .

Learning in UNPAR has been evolving. The values ​​of discipline, order, perseverance and honesty are maintained, but the joyful and fun environment is also the new norm. Lecturer-centric aim more dialogue-based, participative, and moving toward student-centered learning, to be more specific, to be interested, to inquire be more responsible.

Since the 1950s UNPAR students have shown their pro-activeness. Learning has not only been about intra-curricular activities but is also accomplished through extra-curricular activities. UNPAR student life has always been passionate, full of energy, fiery, dynamic and irepressible. This is important for the self-development of students making the transition from being a teenager to a young adult.

Location Description

Bandung the beautiful capital city of West Java. Paris van Java is a nickname given with the intention of equating the beauty of the city of Paris with the city of Bandung, because in addition to its ancient building architecture is closely related to European style, the city is also famous for the fashion industry. The emergence of a creative industry is one of the reasons why this is the case for young people.


UNPAR has a strong emphasis in Global Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Relations. Other majors include Law, Business, Engineering, Philosophy and Information Technology. 

Course Catalog


UNPAR offers on-campus and off-campus arrangements for students. UNPAR provides assistance, but it needs to be noted during university application. 

Housing Info

Applicant Criteria

Applicants must have 2.5 GPA and be in good standing with the university. 

There is no language requirement for this university. Most course instruction will be offered in English. 

Applicants must have  completed their first year  of JMU before going abroad. There are exceptions for Transfer Students.


In addition paying regular tuition to JMU, participants may also expect to pay the following:

Housing $ 2,432
Meals $ 1,920
Health Insurance $ 222
Total Estimated Costs $ 4,574

Additional out-of-pocket expenses may include flight, visa fees, in-country transportation, and personal funds.

How to Apply

The application for admission has a number of parts. See the outline below and make certain you have completed all steps in the application process:

  • Online JMU Exchange General Application 
    Completing the General Application will allow you to select your top three universities for Exchange. Multiple Exchange Program applications do not need to be submitted.
  • Exchange University's application 
    Upon acceptance from JMU, the applicant will then complete the host university's application. The exchange program coordinator will work with applicant to provide access to the application. 

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