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Policy Number:   130-2

Last Updated:  2/27/2020

Policy Title:   Recruiting Travel - Commercial Air & Rail

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

Athletic Compliance Office:  568-7357 or 568-6248

JMU Contact & Phone:   AP Supervisor of Travel:   568-8019

Websites:  JMU Financial Procedures Manual


All recruiting travel must be in accordance with NCAA requirements and the JMU Athletics Compliance Office. Effective, July 1, 2016, Domestic Team Travel no longer requires a Travel Authorization.


 To ensure that recruiting travel meets NCAA guidelines and University requirements.



Refer to the JMU website listed in the heading at the beginning of this policy for important information.

In addition to the website information:

See policy 110 in this manual for instructions on preparation of the TA form. As of July 1, 2016, Travel Authorizations are no longer needed for domestic PSA visits; however, PSA’s from outside of the United States do require a Travel Authorization.

  1. Recruiting Coach Travels Away from JMU:
  • Receipts must show the ticket class (tourist or coach), the method of payment, and the purchaser’s name.  If the vendor does not have different classes of tickets, you must print a statement from the vendor’s website which attests to this.
  • Airline/rail tickets are purchased by the sport program either by SPCC or by coach’s Corporate Travel Card or Personal Credit Card.
  • If purchased by coach, Administrative Assistant prepares ChromeRiver Expense Report.
  • The expense report will first be routed to Compliance for review and approval. Once approved by Compliance, the expense report moves to the ABO for approval.
  • After the ABO approves the expense report, it is routed to the Sports Administrator and finally Accounts Payable for the last approvals.
  1. Purchase an Airline or Other Transportation Ticket for PSA: 
  • If the PSA purchases their own ticket, the Administrative Assistant must gather the necessary information to enroll the PSA in ChromeRiver as a non-employee vendor, and process an expense report for the PSA.  Instructions on enrolling a non-employee vendor can be found here.
  • Per NCAA regulations, it is not permissible to rent a vehicle for a PSA or to reimburse a PSA for rental vehicle expenses.

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