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Your Assigned Academic Advisor

Check your Student Center in MyMadison
Notify Advisor Tutorial (PDF or Video)

  • You have questions about your major, minor or pre-professional program
  • You have questions about admission or progression standards in your program
  • You want guidance about whether to add, drop or withdraw from a class
University Advising & Madison Advising Peers (MAPs)
Location & Contact Info

  • You have a question about how to enroll in your classes
  • You want help understanding your program, degree or GenEd requirements
  • You want help with creating a four-year plan for meeting your requirements
University Career Center
Location & Contact Info

  • You’re considering changing majors and want to talk about which one is best for you
  • You want to learn more about possible career options available to you
  • You’re applying for a job, internship or graduate school
Communication Center  

  • You’re working on an individual or group communication project and want some assistance with planning or rehearsing for the presentation
  • You’re nervous about speaking in front of a group and want advice on how to reduce speech-related anxiety
Counseling Center
Location & Contact Info

  • You experience a high level of stress or anxiety that impacts your ability to study
  • You are having relationship problems with your friends, family or partner
  • You have existing or previous mental health concerns and want assistance with adjusting to being a student at JMU
Office of the Dean of Students
Location & Contact Info

  • You or your family are dealing with a personal crisis or challenging life situation
  • You are considering withdrawing from classes before the end of the semester
  • You will be absent from classes for an extended period of time for any reason
Office of Disability Services (ODS)
Location & Contact Info

  • You are a student with a physical, mental, sensory, learning or other disability
  • You wonder if you might have a disability and want to be screened to find out
  • You need access to services or accommodations to be able to participate fully in the classroom experience
English Language Learner Services (ELLS)

  • You have questions about academic culture in the US
  • You want help adjusting to being a student in a US classroom
  • You want to improve your reading, writing, speaking or listening skills in English
First Year Involvement

  • You’re a first year student and would like help being successful in the classroom
  • You’re on academic probation and would like to connect with a mentor
  • You want to connect with other students to receive tutoring, stay motivated, set goals, improve time management and positively change your study behaviors
University Health Center
Location: Student Success Center, 1st & 2nd Floor

  • Medical Care - You are a student in need of urgent, routine or preventative medical care. 
  • Urgent Care - Available for students who have urgent medical needs.  No appointment is necessary for Urgent Care services.  
  • General Medicine -Confidential general medical services for students.  Appointments are available for routine and preventative care.
Learning Strategies Instruction (LSI)

  • You want some ideas about how to manage your time better
  • You want to work on your test-taking skills or managing test related anxiety
  • You want help with reading, note-taking, studying or improving your memory
  • You have high academic achievement goals and want help meeting them
LGBTQ and Ally Education Program
Location: Student Success Center Room 1313, The Well

  • You are a student who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) or are questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity.  
  • You are seeking education, support, or advocacy related to sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • You are a member or ally of the LGBTQ community and want to learn more or get more involved on campus.  
Office of International Programs (OIP)
Location & Contact Info

  • You would like information on studying abroad in another country
  • You are an international student with a question about how to maintain your immigration status
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

  • You’re taking certain courses and want support with your studying. Supported subjects include BIO, COB, CHEM, ECON, and MATH. Classes are subject to change.  Check the PASS website to see if your section is supported.
Substance Misuse Prevention

Location: University Recreation Center

  • You are a student wishing to learn more about alchol and drug related issues.
  • You want to learn more about protective strategies to reduce negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking and illegal drug use.
Your Professor

Check your syllabus or
JMU Campus Directory

  • You miss a class for any reason.
  • You want help with understanding an assignment or group work for a class.
  • You have a question specifically related to that class.
Office of the Registrar
Location & Contact Info

  • You wish to change or declare a major, minor or pre-professional program
  • You have questions about registration or course enrollment dates and deadlines
  • You have questions about requesting a transcript or applying for graduation
Science and Math Learning Center (SMLC)

  • You want help understanding course content, doing homework or a lab report in a first or second year physics, chemistry, calculus or statistics course
  • You want help in any Gen Ed math or science course
  • You want help with an online assignment in ARIS, LON-CAPA, SPSS, etc.
Sexual Violence Advocacy and Prevention

Location: Student Success Center, 1st Floor, The Well

  • You are a student who has experienced sexual assault and want to learn more about resources available to you.
  • You want to learn more about how to identify and prevent sexual and intimate partner violence.  
  • You want more information about the Campus Coalition Against Sexual Assault.
Title IX

Contact a Title IX Officer or 
The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX 

  • You are a student who has experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct or gender-based harrassment or discrimination.  
  • You are a responsible employee and need to report a possible violation of Title IX.
  • You want to learn more about how to identify and and report disclosures of violations of Title IX.  
Veterans Benefits and

  • You are a student veteran and have questions about your transition from military service to studying at JMU.
  • You are a student called to active duty with questions about taking a leave of absence from JMU.  
  • You need assistance with educational benefits for you or your family.  
University Writing Center (UWC)

  • You want help with a writing assignment you are working on
  • You want some support with improving your overall writing skills
  • You want help choosing a topic or coming up with ideas of what to write about
  • You want assistance with how to include and cite sources correctly in an essay

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