Ready to explore a major path but aren’t sure where to start? We have a framework for YOU! Start with the video above and then work your way through the below stages of the exploration framework. At any stage, if you have questions, we invite you to make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your major/minor options.


Not sure what you are good at? Need help thinking through your interests, values, and skills? Use these helpful tools to guide your exploration. Consider talking with an Exploratory Studies advisor to discuss what you have learned. 


Check out these videos to help you learn about the resources that JMU has to help you explore majors, minors and career paths available to you!


Need some tips to help you decide? Check out these videos to help you make a decision!


Congratulations on making it through the exploration cycle! 

Now that you are ready to take action, we encourage you to watch our webinar "Tea and Tips for Registrationto learn about 5 helpful tips to help you during enrollment and get answers to FAQs about this process.

Please note: After this webinar was recorded, the enrollment date for students changed. Please check your student center in MyMadison for your most up to date enrollment time.  

Ready to declare your major? Here is how!

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