Become a teacher at JMU!

For students interested in becoming a teacher in Pre-12 classrooms, JMU offers various programs that lead to licensure or advanced study in education. Students can pursue programs in inclusive early and elementary education, special education, middle grades education, secondary education, and teaching English to speakers of other languages, as well as in art education, music education, dance education, theatre education, foreign language education and physical and health education. Licensure programs can be completed at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Click here for a full list of teacher education programs.  


All students pursuing a teacher licensure program must meet with their academic advisor.  Students are assigned to an education advisor for their program.

If students are interested in becoming a teacher, they should inform their freshman or transfer advisor at orientation or contact the Education Support Center for more information, click here.

Admission to a Teacher Education Licensure Program

All students must apply to teacher education and be accepted before they can take certain education courses. To review the application process and requirements, click here

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