Intentionally choosing Exploratory as your pathway at JMU allows individuals to spend the time to focus on their exploration of different majors, minors and career options. We encourage students to consider enrolling in courses from a variety of areas across campus with the goal of finding their best fit major.  Exploratory Advising supports and guides students in the process of finding a major, helping students thoughtfully explore their interests, goals and career aspirations through a variety of resources.

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Exploratory pathway will have eight Areas of Interest to choose from in the Onebook.  Select and Area of Interest which best reflects your current intended pathway for a major at JMU.  You will be able to discuss your Areas of Interest with your assigned Exploratory Advisor to make the appropriate academic plan that will help you chose a major.


Area of Interest

Who am I?


I am creative. I like to solve problems in creative ways. Aesthetics are important to me.


I like to use data to make informed decisions. I enjoy numbers. I am achievement oriented.


I enjoy breaking down complex information to others in a fun and engaging way.


People's health is important to me. I desire to be a health advocate for other individuals.


I am a critical thinker and want to broaden my worldview.

Social Sciences

I enjoy learning about society, people, culture and politics. I want to use the scientific method to explore human and animal behavior.


I want to use mathematics, computers, or other technology to solve complex problems that affect our world.


Everything interests me.  Nothing interests me.  I am overwhelmed by my options. I am not ready to narrow it down yet. 


UNST 102- Career and Academic Planning

A seven week block course designed to prepare students for career and academic planning.  Specific content includes accessing career and academic resources, career decision-making skills, and self-awareness. Offered in fall and spring semesters for 1 credit.

Incoming Students

As a new freshmen or transfer student (less than 30 credits only), you may chose Exploratory through the JMU One Book website when you sign up for Orientation. Exploratory becomes your official path of study on your academic record. 

Current Students

If you are a current student wishing to change to Exploratory, you must complete a request through MyMadison. Please follow all directions and steps necessary to execute your request. Once all necessary steps are completed, University Advising will either approve, deny, or contact you for additional information regarding you request.  University Advising generally discourages changing to Exploratory after completion of your second semester and/or June 1.

For additional assistance making this request, please view the Change/Declare a Major/Minor tutorial in MyMadison or on the tutorials website.

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