The Advising Resources and Network Collaboration is a network of advisors and advising partners disbursed throughout the university. Leveraging this disbursed network is a valuable strength of ARC in order to support all those who advise or support advising within their role at JMU.

Advising Resource and Collaboration (ARC) Network

We are committed to building community, sharing resources, and developing advising continuity for the benefit of students, advisors, and other stakeholders. As a group, we value:

  • Centering equity in our work.
  • Center care for all stakeholders and community members.

This community building work is essential, regardless of how advising is organized or implemented across campus.

How to Contact Us

The ARC Network is organized by a team of advisors and advising partner volunteers that may change annually. Please direct all inquiries to rather than personal emails.

Upcoming Events

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