Purpose and Goals


We are committed to building community, sharing resources, and developing advising continuity for the benefit of students, advisors, and other stakeholders. As a group, we value: 

  • Centering equity in our work 
  • Centering care for all stakeholders and community members

This community building work is essential, regardless of how advising is organized or implemented across campus.


  1. Empower advisors to leverage campus resources to the benefit of their students and also to be efficient and supportive of advisors' time. 
  2. Create awareness of the role and capacity and reality of advising services on campus.
  3. Foster community among advisors in order to share practices, information, and promote awareness of what’s going on.
Our Campus Partners

JMU Libraries, CFI, and University Advising are commited to excellence in academic advising and co-sponsors of ARC Network events.

How to Contact Us

The ARC Network is organized by a team of advisors and advising partner volunteers that may change annually. Please direct all inquiries to arcnetwork@jmu.edu rather than personal emails.

ARC Network Leadership Team

Katie Fisher, MS

Assistant Director, Advisor for Pre-Medicine (last names L-Z), Pre-PA, & Pre-Vet


Elaine Kaye

JMU Libraries: Instructional Designer, Assistant Professor


Kelly Schuhmann, MS

Advisor for Pre-PT (last names A-K) and Pre-OT


Aimee Stright

Associate Director of University Advising


Danielle Maxham

Graduate Programs Coordinator

Communications and Reporting Working Group

The Communications and Reporting Working Group organizes and maintains both internal and external materials, including but not limited to, the website, email communication, and annual and event reporting, etc. This working group functions primarily in support of the other working groups and, therefore, relies heavily on communication and collaboration with other working groups to gather necessary information and data for communications, assessment, and reporting.  

Audrey Burnett

Danielle Maxham

Jessica Kyllo

Joe Loyacano

Annette Fornadel


Partnerships and Programming Working Group

The Partnerships and Programming (P&P) Working Group serves as the liaison to established and potential community partners to explore and maintain open opportunities for future collaborative work. Additionally, this working group seeks to connect new academic advisors at JMU to ARC, advising listserv, and our workshops as part of the training and onboarding process. 

Aimee Stright - Co-chair

Katie Fisher - Co-chair

Amy Strunk

Annual Conference Planning Working Group

The Annual Conference Planning (ACP) Working Group plans and implements the annual ARC Network conference for advisors within our community (and possibly beyond). This group is responsible for communicating with the core team and with ARC members to develop conference themes, brainstorm needs of the community, and best practices for implementing this professional development opportunity.  

Elaine Kaye - Co-chair

Kelly Schuhmann - Co-chair

Jennifer Jackson

Amber Loyacano

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