Wilson Hall


University Advising is dedicated to empathetic, authentic, and inclusive approaches that support students to access essential information and pursue their educational goals. Our work is a partnership with students that empowers them to take the lead in planning and navigating their own education. 


University Advising will advance equitable access and outcomes to enable all students to reach their full potential. 



University Advising communicates in clear, transparent, and effective ways, aligning our actions to our values and affirming and supporting all individuals in bringing their whole selves into spaces. 


University Advising approaches our work with empathy and compassion; we support collective accountability for care and a commitment to meeting the needs of all members of the campus community. 


University Advising values collaboration and co-creation with students and colleagues. We believe listening, respect, reciprocity, and advocacy are central to working in community toward individual and shared goals. 


University Advising believes academic advising can positively impact the lives of students. We are committed to students, colleagues, and the profession. 


University Advising is committed to equitable and inclusive advising practices that are responsive to diverse perspectives, needs, and populations. 


University Advising affirms the importance of the whole self as vital to the learning and growth of students, advisors, and staff. We endeavor to model personal and professional development as well as self-care and work-life harmony for our students. 


University Advising recognizes advising as crucial to teaching and learning as students make meaning of their educational experiences. We strive to universally design all spaces to maximize access, inclusion, and equity in learning. 

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