Smartpens are designed to capture notes both visually and audibly. As the student writes in the Livescribe dot paper notebook, the pen records what is being spoken and links it to the dots on the page. When the student goes back to review their notes, they can press the playback button and tap different parts of the page to jump to specific parts of the lecture.

Students who are eligible to use a Livescribe Smartpen will:

  1. Share their Access Plan with their faculty member(s)
  2. Meet with an ODS Accessible Media Assistant to go over how to use the pen and sign a loan agreement
  3. Receive a smartpen, practice notebook, USB charging cable, "Getting Started Guide", extra ink cartridge, pen cap, and one Livescribe dot paper notebook
  4. Return the Smartpen and accessories (except for the dot paper notebook) at the end of the semester

If any problems or questions arise throughout the semester, the student is expected to contact our office to request help. We can offer additional ink, troubleshoot, and a replacement pen, if the original pen is faulty.

Some best practices for becoming familiar with your smartpen are:

  1. Following the steps in the Smartpen "Getting Started Guide" to:
  2. Use the Livescribe Customer Support to learn more about:
    • Smartpen features listed under the Livescribe Smartpen User Guide section
    • Transferring notes/audio files to your computer's desktop from the pen

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