COVID-19 UPDATE for Faculty

Below are some important accommodations to consider when administering online exams:

Extended time:


  • Some students have an accommodation that allows them to use software that “reads” exams aloud to them.
  • This software is not compatible with a Lockdown Browser or documents that are images. If you are uploading documents for exams, please be sure they are Word documents or readable PDFs.
  • Students should be able to download a free text-to-speech chrome extension on their laptops if they have one.

Large print:

  • Students who are visually impaired need to have their exams enlarged.
  • Again, please make sure not to upload images of documents for exams. Enlarging these will cause the letters to look unclear, grainy or pixelated.



ODS is here to assist you in providing approved accommodations to all students who are registered with ODS. We appreciate and encourage open dialog on ways we can work together to achieve this.

We seek to provide an environment that ensures academic integrity of exams. To achieve this, the JMU Honor Code is prominently displayed throughout the exam center and on the exam reservation form signed by students at the time of an exam. A proctor is also present throughout the entire exam. Exams are kept in a secure location upon receipt with limited employee access and are shredded if they are not used. Student staffers have no access to exams. Finally, exam materials such as note cards, charts, scrap paper are collected at the end of the exam and are discarded or returned to professors according to professors’ instructions.

When requesting exam accommodations, please keep in mind that ODS does not see a copy of your syllabus, so the more specific information provided on the Test and Exam Accommodation Arrangements (TEAA) form will better enable us to provide equal accommodations to students.

Please note the following:
  • Proctoring services are provided by appointment only. ODS cannot accommodate drop-in testing. 

  • Assessment and Testing Center (ATC) in Ashby Hall also functions as a proctored testing space at JMU. ATC is able to provide proctoring for online exams and extended time exams if the extended time is already calculated into the online exam timer. ATC is also able to provide lock-down browsers, computer screen magnification and in some cases text to audio. Please check with the Ashby Assessment and Testing Center for their program and scheduling information.

  • A completed TEAA form is required to request services. Please request a specific exam date and time. Do not leave it up to ODS to schedule a date and time. 

  • Requests for quiz and exam accommodations need to be submitted 3 business days before the exam date; 5 business days before mid-terms and final exams unless otherwise notified by ODS. 

  • While we can accept a completed TEAA form by email, we are not equipped to adequately receive email requests without the TEAA attached. Telephone calls and verbal requests for accommodations will not be accepted.  If requests are submitted without a TEAA form you and the student will be asked to re-submit your request with a TEAA so that we have complete information to support you.

  • A student’s late arrival to an exam will not result in adjusted exam reservation times without your permission and may require rescheduling the exam.

  • Exams are to be submitted in accessible format for each student or you may provide ODS with a digital copy of the exam in Word or PowerPoint and additional advance time so we can make the exam accessible. Enlarged print accommodation requires at least 18 point font.

  • Exams are due in ODS by 4PM the day before a scheduled exam; in some cases this date may be earlier depending on the type of accommodations needed.

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