Student ODS Testing Agreement Form

As per JMU policy, instructors are responsible for providing proper testing accommodations for students registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and have testing accommodations. If an instructor is unable to provide accommodations and the student’s exam cannot be taken online due to extenuating circumstances, tests can be administered at ODS as a service to instructors. Instructors and students will have to work with the Exams Team and follow proper protocol in order to reserve a space to test. While reservations can be made, the testing center has 6 private rooms and 12 seats in the main area, a total of 18 seats. These seats will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Policy and Procedures: Student responsibilities

Beginning of Each Semester

  • Students are expected to meet with their instructors to discuss testing accommodations. Students and instructors are encouraged to arrange testing accommodations within the academic department to ensure better student access to instructors.
    • If an instructor is unable to provide accommodations and the student’s exam cannot be taken online due to extenuating circumstances, tests can be administered at the ODS as a service to instructors.
  • Students must discuss their exam schedule with their professors to avoid time conflicts if they receive extended time as an accommodation. 
  • Students should contact ODS immediately if a difficulty arises when discussing testing accommodations with your instructor.
  • Student must sign a Testing Agreement Form to indicate that they understand and agree to abide by the policies and procedures of ODS Exams.

Scheduling exam

  • The ODS Testing Facility’s hours are now Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.
    • If students require the use of the Testing Facility, they must work with their professors to schedule their exams so that they do not start before 8:30 or end after 4:30.
  • Exam Booking Requests must be made by students in the Accommodate Student Portal at least 3 business days before the day of the exam. 
  • Exams will not be administered on a walk-in basis (no “day of” exams) as ODS Exams operates on a “by appointment” basis and need sufficient time to prepare for each exam.


  • Students are advised to arrive 5-10 minutes early to their scheduled exam.
  • Before starting, students are told to put away their personal belongings (including phones, smart watches, notes, etc.) into provided lockers.
    • ODS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Students are not permitted to study during examination appointments.

Late arrival

  • If a student arrives late, they will forfeit whatever time has already passed and their end time will remain unchanged.
  • After a 20 minute delayed arrival, it will be assumed that the tester is a “no show” and rescheduling will be necessary. An email will be sent to both the student and their instructor.

Cancellations and rescheduling

  • If a student needs to cancel or reschedule an exam, they must notify the professor and ODS Exam staff at
    • To reschedule an exam, students must make a new booking request on the Accommodate Student Portal and still abide by the 3 business day rule.
  • Students that fail to notify staff of changes or fail to show up for their exam three times will need to schedule an appointment with the Exams Accommodation Coordinator before they are allowed to take exams again in the ODS Testing Center. 
  • Our office provides accommodations to students with a diverse array of disabilities, including compromised immune systems. We strive to provide a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff who visit our office. Therefore all exams for students who are visibly ill will be rescheduled. If a student comes in to take an exam and is sick, they will be sent away with instructions to reschedule with the professor.
  • ODS is closed when the University is closed. All testing appointments will be rescheduled on days with unexpected closures. The student and instructor can reschedule tests via

Late receipt of exam

  • Instructors must provide the exam and all the necessary materials, passcodes, etc. no later than 24 hours prior to the test appointment.
    • If ODS does not have the required exam materials by the starting time of the exam, ODS staff will attempt to contact the instructor to resolve the issue.
    • If after 15 minutes, the necessary materials have not been provided and/or the instructor has not responded, the student will be instructed to work with their instructor to reschedule the exam for another time. 

Testing Room Rules

  • Students are expected to follow instructions given by ODS Exam staff.
  • Students may not leave the testing area unless they need to use the restroom.
    • If students utilize the restroom, they must leave all testing materials and sign in and out with the proctor.
    • Five minutes is considered a reasonable break length. Breaks longer than five minutes may be reported to the instructor unless another accommodation is applicable.
    • If students have breaks as an accommodation, breaks should not exceed a total of 10 minutes per hour of testing. Students must speak with a ODS clinician if their disability requires breaks in excess of 10 minutes per hour.
  • In order to avoid distracting others, students must keep their voice level low and refrain from wearing heavily scented products. 
  • All personal belongings are prohibited within the testing room. 
    • All electronic devices
      • Cellphones, MP3 players, smart watches, laptops, tablets, headphones/earbuds.
    • Backpacks and handbags
    • Coats and jackets
  • Students will receive a 10-minute warning as they approach their time limit. Once the time limit is met, students must submit their exam to ODS staff.
    • If the student does not relinquish their exam, the incident may be reported to the student’s instructor as a possible honor code violation. 
  • Misconduct and disruptive behavior is prohibited in the Testing Center. ODS Exams reserves the right to dismiss a tester for misconduct and/or disruptive behavior and the instructor will be notified.

Cheating and Exam Security

  • ODS Exams expects its students to maintain a high standard of personal and scholarly conduct. Any irregularities in the testing center are subject to be reported to OSARP for administrative noncompliance and to the professor as per the JMU Honor Code.
    • Irregularities include: the possession and use of unapproved material, extended or frequent bathroom breaks, taking testing materials outside the testing center, etc.
  • All areas of the testing center are under video surveillance at all times. All testing sessions are recorded. Any exams taken on a computer are also monitored and can be recorded. When under investigation, recorded footage will be shared with investigating officials upon request. 


NOTE: ODS aims to provide approved accommodations in a timely manner. Failure to adhere to the above guidelines may impact our ability to provide testing accommodations. 

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