For JMU’s College of Business, “engaged learning” is more than a catchy phrase.  It’s how we do business education.  Our students learn by doing--in the classroom and beyond.  Our rigorous academic programs are complemented by a variety of active learning opportunities that help our students develop strong analytical, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong work ethic. 

Our students leave JMU Prepared to Make the Difference for employers and their communities.

CONNECT with your peers, faculty, the community and the world around you
Study Abroad

You’ll have many opportunities to explore the world through study abroad. We are proud that 11 percent of JMU College of Business majors participate in international programs. That’s almost three times the national average. With our wide variety of international programs for undergraduate students—from summer and short-term abroad programs to semester-long programs—you’re bound to find something that matches your interests.


Student Organizations

Getting involved with one or more student organizations will reinforce theories you’ve studied in the classroom while providing opportunities to practice real-world business skills. You’ll meet other students with similar interests and have a chance to explore your field by making connections with alumni and potential employers, becoming involved in the community and developing strong relationships with your professors.

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Research Experience for Undergraduates

Research in the business world is vital for making decisions, solving problems, targeting customers, analyzing market trends and making financial projections. At JMU’s College of Business, you can get hands-on experience conducting research, working on research projects alongside faculty advisers, learning valuable skills such as how to research a topic using published literature and interviews and how to collect and analyze data.

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Participate in experiences that make you STAND OUT among other job applicants.
COB 300

For 15 years, CoB alumni Wayne Jackson and Don Rainey have sponsored the Jackson-Rainey Business Plan Competition, a student experience resembling a venture capital fair with aspiring entrepreneurs pitching ideas to potential investors. The competition is the final rite of passage for six student teams from COB 300, a required, 12-credit hour course that integrates finance, management, marketing, and operations. The final teams are selected out of over 100 teams through several rounds of judging by business executives and entrepreneurs. The competition offers more than $25,000 in scholarships.


Competitions offer more than just the end prize and we had over 30 competitions with over 500 students competing last year. Competitions make academic material come to life as you work in teams to analyze and evaluate outcomes, develop innovative solutions to real-world business problems and present your ideas to industry professionals. You’ll gain substantial experience, accept loss and overcome challenges, and uncover personal aptitude. The result is a confident professional you.

School of Accounting Summer Boot Camp

The CPA exam is rigorous, but we’ll help you prepare. Since starting this tradition over a decade ago, we’ve designed an effective system that has helped many students succeed. In-class sessions will improve your skills and knowledge, but we’ll also help you identify areas where you should focus more intensely outside the classroom. Our strategy produced the highest 2015 pass rates in the nation (95.2 percent) for large graduate program exam candidates, compared to the national average of about 20 percent.


Center for Entrepreneurship

Transform your ideas into reality through activities focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and venture creation. We encourage exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration as you seek to create new opportunities and viable organizations.


Center for Professional Sales

Hone your sales skills through internal and national sales competitions and career networking events with alumni and employers. Choose to compliment your marketing degree with either a Sales Educators Foundation (SEF) Career Development Certification or University Sales Center Alliance (USCA) Professional Sales Certification.   


ACCELERATE quickly in your career with your hands-on experience and professionalism.
Professional Development and Engagement

You’ll have many opportunities to apply the concepts you’re learning in the classroom to real-world scenarios. We offer a wide range of activities that promote interdisciplinary learning, career exploration, leadership, cultural awareness, professional etiquette and networking skills. You’ll build your business acumen through collaboration with employers, alumni and community partners outside of the traditional academic setting.


Internships & Externships

Get a taste of what it’s like working in your dream job. Whether you spend just a day or a full semester with a potential employer, you’ll gain practical experience while broadening your understanding of your chosen field. That insight will be vital in helping you make career decisions. You’ll gain confidence, possibly academic credit and a new perspective.


Career KickStart

Jump start your career success by participating in the Sophomore Professional Development Conference hosted by the Office of Professional Development and Engagement and the Department of Management. Work with faculty, alumni and upper class students to build your resume and elevator pitch, as well as to develop your professional image and hone your networking skills.

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