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Fall applications are due May 1st.
Spring applications are due December 1st.

Students seeking a B.B.A. business degree will need to apply for formal acceptance to the College of Business (CoB) to begin the COB 300 course and enroll in upper level business courses.

There is an application, but it is only to ensure that you have completed your lower core business courses with a GPA of 2.7 or above and are in good academic standing. There is no essay or other component required, and you are not put in competition with other students for placement.

Links to each application will be posted here when they are live.  Visit this web page and check your email regularly for application availability.

General COB 300 Information
  • An application.
  • Completion of nine lower-level B.B.A. Core Courses
  • A GPA of 2.7 in the B.B.A. Core Courses

The above requirements do not apply to students who are enrolled in the B.S. or B.A. degree program in economics or to those enrolled in the B.S. degree program in quantitative finance

See the “Progression Standards” section below for complete details.

Use the B.B.A. Core GPA calculator to determine your current B.B.A. lower-level core GPA.  You may also enter grades you intend to receive for courses in which you are currently taking and/or courses in which you'll take in the future. This calculator also has "Repeat Forgive" and "Repeat Credit" features. 

The B.B.A. core GPA is calculated using grades earned in the B.B.A. lower-level core excluding calculus (MATH 205 or MATH 235) and managerial accounting (COB 242). Only grades earned at JMU will be used. The university policy for calculating repeat-credit and repeat-forgive will be honored. Students may use the B.B.A. Core GPA Calculator for assistance in calculating their GPA.

Please allow a few seconds for the Excel form to download.

New transfers going directly into COB 300 are not held to the application deadline. 

Some CoB majors may impose standards that exceed those of the CoB. If this is the case, you must meet both the CoB requirements and the requirements of the major in which you are interested.

Any student admitted to JMU can declare any major offered by the College of Business. Students are not formally admitted into the College of Business until certain requirements are met. Requirements to continue pursuing a B.B.A. degree are described below.

Students are formally admitted into the College of Business as a B.B.A. major and permitted to register for COB 300 when the following requirements are met:

  • Submission of a completed application for admission into the College of Business is submitted to the COB Advising and Support Center according to the schedule shown below.
    • November 1 for the upcoming spring semester
    • February 15 for the upcoming summer session
    • April 1 for the upcoming fall semester
  • Successful completion with a GPA of 2.7 (or higher) in the following business core courses: COB 191, COB 202, COB 204, COB 241, COB 291, ECON 200 and ECON 201.  Only grades earned at JMU will be used to calculate the B.B.A. core GPA.
  • Successful completion of calculus (MATH 205, MATH 235 or equivalent) and COB 242.

No core course needed for COB 300 admission may be attempted more than two times.  An "attempted course" is one in which a final letter grade, including "W", "WP" and "WF," is recorded on the student's official JMU transcript.

The university policy for calculating repeat-credit and repeat-forgive will be followed.

Students who fail to meet the requirements described above will be denied admission into the College of Business and will be referred to University Advising for assistance in choosing another major.

Students should consult with the major department for further progression requirements in the specific major.

**Requirements to be admitted into the College of Business are effective based on when a student intends to enroll in COB 300. Students are advised to consult the College of Business Advising and Support Center for current requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about COB 300

Any student who plans to take COB 300 the following semester should apply.

  • For summer or fall, apply by May 1st
  • For spring, apply by November 1st

The application takes approximately 5 minutes. On the application you will enter your student and contact information, as well as your B.B.A. core course information as applicable. The B.B.A. course information will include information such as grade earned, course repeat option and whether you are currently enrolled in the course. There is no essay, recommendation information or formal statement required.

Once you submit the application, you will receive an email confirmation. Check your junk email folder if you do not see the confirmation in your inbox. When you receive the confirmation, there is no need to follow up with an email or phone call.

Links to each application will be posted at the top of this page when the application active. If you don’t see the link, don’t worry. Applications are posted about a month before they are due. Visit the webpage and check your email regularly for availability. You will have plenty of time to complete it once the application link is active.

You can find details about specific requirements for COB 300 listed under Progression Standards on this page.

No problem! Simply indicate this on the COB 300 application. We do not calculate the B.B.A. core GPA until after all your grades are posted. Your acceptance notifications will not be sent until after you are done with your classes.

For students taking or repeating B.B.A. core classes over the summer, you will still need to submit an application and can expect the acceptance notification in August.

Calculate your GPA using the GPA core calculator based on the courses you have completed. Instructions are provided for credits earned at other institutions. You can use the calculator as a tool to see your potential GPA by entering your projected grades for the courses you have not yet completed. 

Once COB 300 applications are reviewed, you will be notified via email of which section of COB 300 you can enroll in. This means you will not enroll in COB 300 until after your enrollment appointment. There will be a deadline noted in your notification email, you must register by this date.

  • For spring enrollment, you will enroll in COB 300 by late December/early January
  • For summer enrollment, you will enroll in COB 300 by May
  • For fall enrollment, you will enroll in COB 300 by August

That's fine! There is no limit to the number of times you can apply and no consequence for applying and not being admitted. However, it is important to have a backup plan. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your options.

It all depends on your current situation.

If you are certain that you will meet the requirements:

If you are unsure that you are going to meet the requirements:

  • You should plan on enrolling in "back-up" classes. "Back-ups" look different for every student, and may include:
    • COB core courses
    • taking minor courses
    • electives or Gen Eds
    • or considering a change of major

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