Madison Advising Peers

COB Madison Advising Peers (MAPs) are College of Business students who work in conjunction with the Advising and Support Center by providing supplemental academic advising information and assisting other COB students who may have general advising questions, but don't know where to go.

MAPs care about their fellow students and are committed to helping them achieve their college goals, acting as a supportive and friendly resource for students who feel overwhelmed and confused.

Meet the MAPs
Adriana Bolivar, Economics and Modern Foreign Languages (French) double major

Adriana Bolivar - Madison Advising PeerFuture Career Goals: International Development

Hobbies: Travel, EDM concerts and festivals, learning foreign languages, professional napping

Academic failure and how you turned it around:I struggled a lot going into COB 191. I had never taken a statistics class so while for most people in my class the material was just review and relatively easy, it was all completely new for me and it took me a longer time to understand it. I didn’t take my difficulty seriously at first because I thought I could handle it on my own so I did poorly on the first test. After that, I knew that I needed to improve in that class, not only for my GPA, but also because I needed to be prepared for COB 291. I began to study with groups, read the textbook (not required by the professor, but it helped a lot), and attended office hours every week for extra help. After the next two exams I understood the material so much better and by the time of the final I knew how to do everything.

Connor DeJarnette, Marketing and CIS double major

Connor DeJarnette - 2020Future Career Goals: My goal is to work at a big advertising agency such as Wieden - Kennedy. 

Hobbies: Soccer, Marvel Movies, Exercising

Academic failure and how you turned it around: Academic failure was something that always frightened me but I knew eventually I would come across the inevitable. There are just some courses that no matter how much you study or prepare, you can never seem to do good in and for me that was Financial Accounting, 241. I tried tackling accounting by myself and miserably failed. After that failure, I began to reach out to friends to create study groups, my professor for additional help, and even got a personal tutor. All of those people and resources helped me pass 241 and I couldn't be happier. It took a lot of work and dedication but all of those things workout when you look at the end result! 

Stephanie Post, Finance and Health Services Administration double major

Stephanie Post - 2020Future Career Goals: Hospital administrator (and eventually work my way up to the executive suite!)

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, traveling, crafting and reading 

Academic failure and how you turned it around: My first semester at JMU, I had a hard time adjusting to college and my grades were not where I hoped they would be. I knew I wanted to do better. During the second semester of my freshman year, I worked really hard and used as many resources on campus as I could, such as going to my professors for help, going to PASS sessions and using the tutoring centers to improve my grades the following semester. This experience taught me that there are so many resources JMU has to offer and, as students, we should utilize them as much as we can. I was able to improve my grades during my second semester as a freshman and have continued being successful ever since.

Elena Rogers, Marketing with concentrations in European business and digital marketing

Elena RogersFuture Career Goals: Corporate attorney

Hobbies: Painting, reading and travelling

Academic failure and how you turned it around: GenEd courses were not my thing. You’re always told that when you get to college, you get to study exactly what you want and you don’t have to worry about things you don’t want to study. Obviously, the people who told me that did not attend a liberal arts college. Though I appreciate having basic knowledge in numerous subjects, I know I could survive without taking two science courses. Nevertheless, I enrolled in geology in order to complete these requirements my freshman year. I guess rocks are cool and all, but I did not expect to love my class as much as I did. My professor was extremely enthusiastic, which made it hard not to love the class. She was the first professor I had that made me think GenEds aren’t so bad and that taking a break from major classes is not only OK, but refreshing.

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