Academic advising is a collaborative process between you and your advisor. We strive to be available when students need our assistance, to provide accurate information and to build relationships in order to support your plans to accomplish your goals; however, it is your responsibility to implement the tools we provide and you remain accountable for your actions or inactions.

Accounting The School of Accounting
Computer Information Systems Danielle Maxham ZSH 2140  8-3298
Economics Doreen Liccione ZSH 2141 8-5012
Economics Phil Heap ZSH 6031 8-3031
Finance Doreen Liccione ZSH 2141 8-5012
Finance Karen deBrun ZSH 2147 8-6518
International Business Emilie Bradshaw ZSH 2144 8-8783
International Business Michelle Duncan ZSH 2039 8-3078
Business Management Shannon Mercer ZSH 2145 8-8782
Business Management Kristin Knapp ZSH 2148 8-5957
Marketing Anne McGuigan ZSH 2146 8-3179
Marketing Emilie Bradshaw ZSH 2147 8-8781
Quantitative Finance Michelle Duncan ZSH 2139 8-3078
Thinking about a major in Business?

Michelle Duncan

ZSH 2139


You can expect your academic advisor to:

  • Understand as well as accurately and effectively communicate the curriculum, graduation requirements, and college policies and procedures
  • Provide you with information about and strategies for utilizing available resources and services on campus
  • Assist you in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education
  • Remain current on college and university policies, procedures, practices and services as well as remain current on professional developments in the field of academic advising
  • Be respectful of students
  • Listen to students’ educational and personal goals as well as any concerns while achieving these goals
  • Be accessible for advising sessions and respond to messages in a timely manner
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding your educational record

As an advisee we expect you to:

  • Seek advising and ask questions if you do not understand an issue, process or procedure
  • Read all correspondence sent by your advisor
  • Attend all advising appointments prepared with questions and material for discussion
  • Be an active listener by participating fully in the advising experience
  • Follow-through with advisor referrals
  • Allow for timely response to questions or concerns
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions

Advisors offer in-person and virtual appointment options for full 30-minute sessions and express advising. Some advisors may have limited virtual appointments, in which case students should select an in-person appointment instead. Students should select their own major advisor or advisor for their intended major, and not an advisor simply based on availability. 

Express advising appointments are 10, 15 or 20 minutes in length and are used for quick questions.  Detailed questions will need to be addressed in a full, 30-minute individual appointment.  Not all advisors offer express advising.

Walk-in appointments with advisors are discouraged. Appointments should be made in advance here.

Peer advising is provided by CoB  Madison Advising Peers. MAPs are College of Business students who work in conjunction with the Advising and Support Center by providing supplemental academic advising information and assisting other COB students who may have general advising questions.

Peer advisors staff the ASC during regular business hours during fall and spring semesters, and may be available for drop-in questions that relate to dates and deadlines, registration, application process, etc.  MAPs also offer 30-minute individual sessions and group advising in the following areas: time management, test preparation, study skills, and CoB admission process.  When available, appointments can be made here.

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